View Full Version : Trip Report and some spotting

01-29-2007, 10:15 AM
Flew Friday JB Flt. #81 JFK -FLL N637JB Left 15 minutes late as boarding was completely confussed as we were leaving from Gate 5 a flt to MCO was leaving from gate 4 which shares the gate.... besides that flight was fine smooth and landed a few minutes early.

Went spotting At MIA on Sat. for a few hours found a great spot on NW 72 Ave, it dead ends at the fence at the end of Rwy. 9 while there got shots of AA737 and 757 w/ wingtip, ABSA Cargo from Brazil, 2 Tampa 767's Martinair MD-11-F with rose paintjob, Luft. 747-400, Global DC-10-30, and a few others . I will post photo's when I have a chance to download.

On flight home yesterday, while looking out the window saw a Virgin America fly past heading south, we we prob. somewhere over Virgina when it past.

Nice smooth flight home yesterday, JB FLT. 12. had free movies because the TV's wouldn't start for first 10 minutes of the flight., Landed on 31R and went right to the gate.