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hiss srq
01-16-2007, 11:58 AM
Well Saturday was a pretty below average day for me. I was downstairs at the counter for the day coming off of going to the hospital the night before. Well close to the end of the day I got lucky and a very attractive lady decided to check in with me. She was headded to the area of my second home in Florida. We talked a little and I told her I was planning on headding down anyway soon. She obviously knew a little about perks because she invited me to fly with her. I do not think she thought i would take her up on it but she gave me her number. I got done with work shortly thereafter and listed myself to CLT. I showed up down at the gate to her suprise and went to the podium. An intresting note is while I was upgradeing us to first I met a person whom Matt Smith and several other of my mutual friends know as well on our flight. Anyways.... So I came back with the first class tickets and we hung around waiting to board the 733. No pics as I did not bring the camera to work that day. We Boarded and sat in 2 A and 2 C. We pushed slightly early and went off of 31. The flight was pretty enjoyable all the way to CLT save for the residual headache I still had. We landed at CLT and passed the Roush 727's on the way to the gate. After parking and being the first off the bird we went for some grub and I brought her to her 757 to take her to TPA. We spent a few more minutes together long enough for me to upgrade her to TPA and I had to go so I could get a smoke before I had to head to concorse C to catch my flight back to NY. I looked at the listings and found it to be a CR9 which made me only slightly excited. As I got to my gate I saw it was a new colors CR9. We boarded and unfortuneately there was no first class on the flight obviously. The CR9 is not the most window view friendly ever built. All of the seats are blocked by walls the windows are at perfect level but BEHIND the seat. I dozed off all the way home to LGA. Landing was slightly long touching down after the intersection on 22. Wed went real hard on the TR's and brakes. Hard enough I felt us start to slip and the pilot let off for a second before re jamming them to turn off at the end. That was not the end of it either. I dozed for 30 more seconds than saw that we somehow managed to find our way to the AA/UA ramp area. A quick 180 and we were back on the taxiway to the RIGHT terminal. We got to the gate and I headded back up to the tower for a little bit thus ending an informal date in the sky which is planned to have a continuation later tonight upon her arrival at LGA.

01-16-2007, 06:26 PM
It's easy. :wink:


But seriously, cool writeup. Get any pictures by chance?

hiss srq
01-16-2007, 06:28 PM
No unfortuneately I did not bring the camera to work that day. Tomorrow my rule of doing so goes into effect.