View Full Version : Wanna see some of the NYC Members as an Elf?

Midnight Mike
2006-12-18, 08:24 AM
Well, we now know what Phil & Mel do during the Holiday Season! :lol:

Big Phil (with his hat)
http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=a0ee ... 9G06121806 (http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=a0eefa18a6cd9c69b5f9f39G06121806)

http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=902d ... aG06121806 (http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=902d97333e336eafc28146aG06121806)

2006-12-18, 10:53 AM
It's so funny that you used that photo....I actually made this myself last week and came up with this!

http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=48b9 ... cG06121506 (http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=48b956c5a11d79500d8e3ccG06121506)

2006-12-22, 12:55 AM
This is me...
http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=2d42 ... 1G06121818 (http://www.elfyourself.com/?userid=2d4264123ca0de280d9b471G06121818)

But seriously, this is how I dress...

Although to be honest, it's far too hot at the moment. I'm wearing shorts at work :)

'tis beach weather, not Elf weather :)