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12-18-2006, 03:20 AM
This was mentioned in regards to the Habitat for Humanity tracking thread. A great point that I wanted to address:

Since my other thread was locked, I figured I'd add my original post here for posterity.


For the mods... what is the moritorium going to be on looking up threads regarding special schemes coming into NY? gotta be a limit..

I know this was only a month old or so of course so it would've wound up back on top anyway by the desired correction ..... :D not meaning to bust chops.. :D


I don't like locking up the thread like we did, but we jsut wanted to keep it all in one thread, especially since the previous post made in it was just a few weeks prior. The reason it was locked and not deleted was because the thread had seen activity and received a few responses.

The general rule of thumb, though unwritten, was decided among the mods to be about 4 months of inactivity in a thread before a new one would be justified. Perhaps this is too long, but we're testing it out.

Of course, when we get shots like this, we don't want them to get lost in a long thread several pages deep. My recommendation would then be to post the photo twice....once in the "tracking thread" (like this one), and a second in the Spotting Planning and Review" forum under a thread title of that date....even if it's just the one photo, as opposed to a new one in the Aircraft Visitors forum.