View Full Version : July 2006 at Westchester Parkway

Jorge Meneses
2006-12-04, 11:15 PM
Last July I went to LAX just for spotting with APM Member Juan Carlos Guerra and we basically spotting from In N Out and Westchester Parkway and with other spotters and the LAPD and World Airport Police stop everyday we were there and they were very friendly and polite, they just told us "hey guys you know some people are like worry because they said you are taking pictures and looks suspicious and we just want to know what are you doing and for what" so they start talking with us one by one and we just show our IDs, well in our case we show our passport and visa and then just ask a few questions to each of us and said thanks and leave and we just continue spotting until the last ray of sun!
I must tell you I was surprise, my first encounter with the police beacuse of spotting was in McAllen and then Houston they were friendly and I had the wrong idea that in LAX they were going to be harder but they were very friendly and polite with us.
Here in Mexico... well... It's another story!
Jorge Meneses