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Iberia A340-600
2006-11-26, 12:30 AM
As I won't have time to right a full trip report of my two flights today until Christmas break I'll right a short little exert about it.

Spotting at MAD today was amazing, the ground was extremley wet and the spray being picked up by the heavies was incredible. However I left my spot at the wrong moment but caught a glimpse of the Aeromexico 777-200 taxiing by for her gate and an Iberia A340-600 kicked up a lot of spray on her departure.

The upper deck experience was amazing! The cabin seems so special and the re is so much room!

Two other things that made the trip super special was the Air France 777-200 right below us going to IAH and my trip to the cockpit above Boston.

Needless to say the 747-400 flight was one of my best!