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2006-10-12, 03:56 PM
This is a good story - let me say from start!

I've been spotting on occasion at PBI and have always had absolutely no issue with Palm Beach Sherriffs Office at all - at times, I've had them stop for a chat and look themselves.

Yesterday (Wednesday 10/11), I had the chance to show Phil and Melanie PBI and the same was true again - there is a public parking spot right on the permiter fence (Thanks again Mike Primamore) and we had a PBSO officer drive through the lot - he didn't even stop - just waved and carried on. A little later, we moved to the western end of the field and camped out in the parking lot of Flight Safety International. Staff came out of the buildings - waved as well - there were West Palm Beach police officers moving their helicopter inside the perimeter fence - they came past and waved a couple of times as well. We were out for about 4 hours spotting - never even questioned at all. South Florida is very friendly!

I've got some pictures in the queue for JP and I'm sure Phil and Mel will post when they get home - I'll try and post some here later as well. Anyone coming to South Florida - give me a shout and I can point out the spots for you.

2006-12-17, 06:54 PM
Glad thats woking out for you!

2007-05-14, 04:09 PM
I remember spotting on at the Southwestern corner one early evening a few years back while in the area a few years ago. I saw some guy at an adjacent used car lot come out and give me the dirty looks and like clockwork a PBI sheriff shows up minutes later. But instead of asking for IDs he sees the camera and tells me about the spotters park on the Southeastern end of the airport and bids me a good evening.