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2006-10-03, 04:22 PM
i am right now onboard a lufthansa 747 from Frankfurt to New york coming from WAW. my dad bought the onboard internet for his laptop. once i get to new york i will post pics and write a review.

2006-10-05, 04:44 PM
Part 1- EWR-CPN

well, im in new york and i uploaded the pics and here is the review:
we arrived at Newark and checked in. i asked for a window seat but they told me they they had none left. i went to a spot before the gate aria to take some pics. there was an Alitallia 777 and TAP A330. i took a pic up it wasn't great so i got rid of it. we passed through security and into the gate aria. from thee i took this pic of our plane:

then we got in line to enter the Jetway. i handed my boarding pass and then went into an aria next to the Jetway to get some more pics of the lufhthasa next to us.

i boarded the plane and found my seat. after boarding was done my dad noticed a woman who had nobody siting next to here at the window and talked me into talking with here, and so i did. See was very nice and let me sit next to her for the takeoff. she showed me a really cool thing on the SAS A330, a camera in the front of the plane. we both turned it on and watched as the plane taxied out of the gate. we had to wait some time but the we taxed to the runway and in position for take off. i took out my moms camera and stated filming.

we took of from runway 22R, and watched it from the bottom down camera as we passed over some town in Jersey. soon we were flying over westchester so i pointed out that is were i lived, as she asked my before we took off. after the seat belt sight was turned off i went back to my seat and watched some movies. i will say that they had a good selection of films and TV shows like the show i always liked- Click, a BBC show about computers, and a new British comedy "my Family" as well as others. after i got up to take a cabin shot:

the seat on the left is my back. when i first claimed on board i looked at the seat ahead of me with out the TV and thought i did not get when, when i did but on the other side because our row was the first 3 seat row at the back of the plane.

when it was time to land i went back to the kind lady and sat in the window seat.
as we landed i took some pics:


after we landed i asked if i could go into the cockpit. the pilot was very kind and even suggested that i sit in his chair and he take a picture of me. he did and as i was leaving i took a pic:

as i left Jetway i took this
and then as we were walking to our gate to Warsaw i took this:

END of part 1
Part 2 CPN-WAW coming soon

2006-10-05, 06:33 PM
Sweet dude! Just a small correction, it's CPH not CPN :mrgreen:

2006-10-05, 07:58 PM
Sweet dude! Just a small correction, it's CPH not CPN :mrgreen:
sorry, and thanks

we went downstairs and checked our boarding pass. we got new seats to balance the plane. we waited until the bus arrived and the we got on board. before we got on the plane i took these pics.
This is our plane

this was another SAS plane
we got on board and we took off. then i took this
after takeoff i got out and took this cabin shot
there was alto of fog at WAW so we kept circling. they said we might land i Poznan. we got lower and when i saw the taxiway i knew we were in Warsaw. (my dad made a landing video so it was the same side and runway) we taxied in to the apron and took a bus to the terminal.

Part 3 -Poland -coming soon

2006-10-05, 11:30 PM
Sigrid Viking is based in ARN so you had some luck flying a Sweedish SAS A333! Oh I wish SK could fly to JFK instead of EWR... Their paint job is one of my favorites, their SA 333's are just hot, not mentioning their retro 319.


BTW Matt how was the service, food :mrgreen: and over all performance of SK?

2006-10-07, 12:26 PM
i really like the service. i was never a big fan of airline food but it was OK. they flight crew came around giving hot buns which was nice. also in the back galley they had really good Scandinavian Chocolate canny. the crew was friendly, nice and helpful. i think now, you have to pay for alcoholic beverages, but when we flew it it was still free (my dad told me this). the entertainment system is good and will keep you entertained for the duration of the flight.

to Warsaw you had to pay for food, but the prices were reasonable. they weren't so radical like $30 for a bagel, $ 35 for one with butter. there was a male flight attendant on the flight with whom i got acquainted. we talked and he late me take a safety card as a souvenir.

2006-11-04, 11:48 AM

i procrastinated writing this segment for long enough.
we arrived at WAW with a lot of time, so like my dad promised me last time, but we did not have time to, we went on the observation deck. here are some shots:

My 2nd on JP:





next, we left and when through passport control and security. our plane was not at the gate yet but i was very happy to see the football nose 737 come in the parking spot.

we boarded the plane to the tune of Shakira singing about "hips don't lie" .
i was very happy with this flight. the seats were nice leather. safety cards were in great condition. flight attendants were nice,
here are some photos i too from the plane:


this photo sucks but i was happy to the the head of state, republic of Poland Tu-154:




this was right before our landing to Frankfurt:



we arrived by bus to the Main (get it? frankfurt Rhein MAIN, yeah, i know, bad joke) terminal and went upstairs and to out concourse. we when through a security check and the to board our plane: the D-ABTH star alliance foot ball nose plane. we went on board just in the nick of time, and took our seats. i had 27A. NOTE TO EVERYBODY: if you have seat 27A on a Lufthansa 747, YOU ARE NOT going to have a window. that was one think that pissed me of. there was just a wall where the window should be. i had to lean forward, or back. we stated to taxi, and with an pain in my neck i took this shot: i know its crappy but i thought VAIRG stopped all flights and here they were in Frankfurt.

the during flight i went to the galley and they let me take this one out there window:


the movie on board was "the devil wares prana", and i watched it having nothing better to do. did not enjoy this flight that much : because 1) i had no window 2) they still had the old seats 3) the flight attendants were kinda mad at me because i went to the galley every our for a cup of water or orange juice, even though i do it to prevent dehydration and not get headaches. in always works for me. ( i don't know if they were really mud but i felt they were) 4) i could not go into the cockpit at the end of the flight, which i always wanted to do in a 747.

we landed in New York and got home.

2006-11-04, 12:12 PM
where are all the photos of hte Polish women??!

2006-11-04, 06:05 PM
There you go :D : http://www.airfoto.pl/?module=Photos&ac ... 568&size=2 (http://www.airfoto.pl/?module=Photos&action=Single&id_ph=50568&size=2)

2006-11-04, 09:32 PM
Very cool report! Glad to see that Varig bird! I hope they come back to NY soon.

2006-11-04, 10:19 PM
excellen photo, you can also see her cargo hold :)

2006-11-04, 10:57 PM
excellen photo, you can also see her cargo hold :)

LOLOLOLOLOL! I assume of course that you're referring to the plane Mario. :P

-Omar S.