View Full Version : New Post or Reply to Old Post?

2006-09-28, 04:27 PM
The issue has come up recently concerning new threads when older ones already exist on the topic.

This is a very case-by-case issue, but here are a couple guidelines/rules:

- If the topic pertains to or requires photos, and the photos in the older thread has broken links to those photos, you can post a new thread.

- If it is an aircraft tracking thread (like Trump or Pink Song), please use the existing threads on it regardless of how long ago the thread was last replied to.

- If the thread does not pertain to the above two criteria and is over 4 months old, you may post a new thread on the topic.

- The four month rule applies to thread topics like “AA 737 with Winglets at LGA”. For Aircraft Visitors, if it’s happened within the past 4 months and a thread exists about it during that period, please add to the existing thread.

Like I said, this will be very case-by-case. Refer to the above and exercise judgment.

This is all so that the list of topics is easier to navigate without multiple threads discussing the same things.

Also keep in mind that if you happen to get a post deleted, a copy of your post is included in the automated deletion notice. This means you can find the existing thread and paste back in what you originally wrote.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.