View Full Version : Commenting on People's Photos [MUST READ FOR MEMBERS]

09-28-2006, 03:13 PM
The goal on this website is to promote and enjoy aviation enthusiasm, as a community.

Because of that, I get disappointed and even angry when people cast insults towards others, especially over their photographs.

Insulting someone because of their photos is 4,000% unacceptable.

We donít expect every photo comment to be an ass-kisser, but criticism can be given constructively and supportively. There is a VERY clear difference between helping someone with a shot that can be improved upon and insulting someone and their work.

Even joking with insults about photos to a friend is completely unacceptable, as it sets an example to others who might not know that two people are friends that this behavior is allowed.

Depending on the severity, such behavior can result in an immediate ban with no questions asked, no notifications and no warnings.

We are all here to have fun. Getting messages deleted by a mod is really not a big deal and we donít get mad at you or make notes of it or hold anything against you. Itís a part of moderating and being on a message board. Since weíre here to have fun, we shouldnít take much of anything here too seriously.

This is the exception to that, and one of the few times youíll see me angry about message board related issues.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

-Phil Derner, Jr.