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2006-09-25, 08:41 PM
This is my first go at a trip report, so I will try to be concise but not leave out anything.

Sunday Sept 17 - JBU 1073 - JFK-RIC
Aircraft N247JB - E190 - Seat 13D

The day started off with very simple checkin, even with a checked bag, and then the dreaded TSA Checkpoint. I, of course, was exactly what the TSA was looking for, so they decided that my camera backpack was what they needed to check for explosives. Gee, what a shock, bag was clean. Oh well, it only delayed me by 5 minutes. Headed down to the shuttle bus for the quick ride to the temporary terminal while they rebuild Terminal 5. As I am at the gate waiting the aircraft taxi's up and as they park my cell phone rings. It's my brother the B6 mechanic, he is in the PIC's seat, just taxied the bird to the gate from the MX hangar. (Ok, a little nerdy, but kinda cool to have a relative bring your aircraft to the gate.) Anyway, he gave me the scoop that the aircraft was brand new, and that things were just really busy there. They boarded shortly afterwards and I would say the aircraft was about 2/3 full, and I got on without getting a pic of the aircraft!

Dept time was 0815, but we were off the gate at 0810, taxied to Runway 31L and were airborne by 0817. The airport was rather quiet for a Sunday morning, and only logged a few airplanes during the short taxi.

We arrived in Richmond @ 0912, and blocked in at 0916. During the rollout on Runway 7 we passed the Virginia Air National Guard, which had a few F16's on the ramp as well as what I believ to be an F-22 Raptor.

After disembarking, I made sure to catch a shot of the aircraft, unfortunately the sun was right in my eyes, so I had to settle for a nose shot.

Baggage claim was uneventful and I was on my way for a 2 hour dive into the Blue Ridge Mountains, but first a quick stop outside the Virginia Aviation Museum for a shot of the beautiful SR-71 Blackbird.

...now for some non-aviation photos, along the drive. Please note some of these were taken at 65 mph (posted speed limit on I-64) so there are some slightly blurry shots.

Gotta love these 2 city names. Talk about hot spots. Yeehaw!

A real grocerie stop...

This is what they mean by redneck country

Then of course, trying for some decent shots at the conference site.
BlueRidge Mountains

Sunrise in the mountains

I drove back on Thursday, and had to get this shot on the other side of the VA Aviation Museum

Friday Sept 22 - JBU 1072 - RIC-JFK
Aircraft N184JB - E190 - Seat 12A
Departure here was supposed to be 1005, but the inbound did not arrive until 0945, and thanks to our friends at the TSA, boarding was horrendously slow. They stopped everyone as they were in line to board to open their carry-on bags to check for liquids and gels. (Um hello, the security checkpoint did that already.) I know someone could have smuggled in that dangerous bottle of water, but lets get serious. Anyway pushback from the gate was 1025 with a taxi down to Runway 25, we passed the back of the "Executive Terminal" where an interesting lineup of trainers was parked...

We were off the ground by 1033, and landed JFK after arriving on the 13L Visual approach at 1130, on the gate @ 1135. On taxi in , I got a horrible shot of the Venezuelan Govt B737-200 "0207" sitting by Varig Cargo. By the looks of things they were awaiting the VIP's immenent arrival.

To wrap this up, on the way to the car in the lot, with the camera in the bag no less, a USAF C-17 just jumps off 13R staring me in the face. I was so pissed that I missed that shot! Flights were good, the legroom on the E190 was more than adequate, and honestly I cannot complain about the aircraft. I'd fly it again if given the choice.

Hope some of you found this interesting. Your thoughts/comments are welcome.

2006-09-25, 08:54 PM
Nice report John, I've been to the museum before, its about the only thing to do at that airport.

2006-09-25, 08:57 PM
That's true, although I did find, albeit too late, a few good places to photograph from. Besides, the traffic there is very sporadic, (slower than Albany was) and lots of RJ's. Yawn.

2006-09-25, 09:25 PM
Nice Pix of the rual country side there :)
A far from NYC life :)

hiss srq
2006-09-25, 09:26 PM
Y'all done had a blast there eh yuk yuk! lol seriously though looks like you got to see some nice stuff

2006-09-25, 11:22 PM
Richmond is pretty slow, mostly RJs, but if you're there on NASCAR race weekend, the ramps are full of bizjets. Those "trainers" on the Avitat ramp are Navy F-5s used as Aggressors during exercises.

2006-09-25, 11:29 PM
Great TR John and awesome pics. Nice catch seeing the Raptor out there.

2007-04-04, 03:08 PM
How was the E190? Comfy?