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2006-08-13, 03:52 AM
Sine it was a nice evening, I decided to take a run up to Bayville for a souvlaki out at the beach and some photography. The beach at Bayville overlooks the Sound facing Connecticut and I thought I might get some nice sunset shots.

This guy was out to watch the sunset as well:








Once it got dark, I was still looking for something to do. I knew the moon was coming up soon, so I took a run down to Captree (which is open late) for a few shots:

http://moose135.smugmug.com/photos/87768923-M.jpg http://moose135.smugmug.com/photos/87768916-M.jpg

I kept waiting for an airplane to pass the moon, so I could get one of those great a.net shots, but no luck.

I also ran over to Fire Island, and got a couple of shots of the water tower. I was stopped in a bus stop along the road through the park, and two or three park police & ranger-types slowed down as they came by, but when they saw the tripod & big camera, they didn't bother stopping.

http://moose135.smugmug.com/photos/87768922-M.jpg http://moose135.smugmug.com/photos/87768921-M.jpg

The more I look at these last two, the more I think they're not level, but it's 3am, and I'm not really sure anymore. I keep this up, and I'm going to end up like Fred (not that there's anything wrong with that :)

2006-08-13, 11:10 PM
Nice shots there.....I have a few of the moon shots with aircraft but it took
about 10 hours of waiting for each shot.....NOTE, it was knowing where
the aircraft pass inbound for JFK and knowing when the moon would
intersect...and waiting 2 hours day until

Like I said, I do have a few more, but they take time and lots of
effort....the ****ty part is that I do not have L glass, so I will have to do it
over and over again.