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2006-08-08, 01:18 PM
Several people have mentioned to me that they want to get their cameras cleaned, and I thought we could go as a group.

I just got off the phone with Photo-Tech, the camera repair shop in Manhattan that is authorized for sensor cleaning for both Nikon and Canon cameras.

In fact, I learned that if we get a number of guys to go, we can get a discount on the cleaning of our cameras and lenses, as well as a checkup. (It's usually $40 for sensor cleaning, and $10 for a lens)

Is anyone interested in having a little outing?

Because of the volume we'd be bringing, it would have to be on a weekday, so I'm thinking about choosing with all of you a day that is good to maybe take off form work, drop our cameras off, then do something social like eat lunch or go to Chelsea piers, and then come back to get our cameras. (It's usually 15-20 minutes to get your camera cleaned, but with a group of guys, obviously it will take a portion of the day).

The guys at Photo-Tech have been highly recommended for Nikon cleaning for years, and they received Canon authorization not too long ago.

Anyone up for this?

2006-08-08, 01:31 PM
Sure I am up for this, I got one of my camera's cleaned there a few months back and they did a great job. The next time I have a day off from work is the week of the 21st. Any day that week would be ok.


2006-08-08, 01:32 PM
Interesting, Phil. What kind of discount are we talking here? My sensor's been pretty clean for the past few months, but I'm sure it'll need a wipe-down later this year (when I'm home).

I wonder what'll be next...maybe tupperware parties with our CF cases...


Banana Peel. HAHAHAHA!

2006-08-08, 03:22 PM
If it's something that can be fit around lunch, I'm in. I'm already in Manhattan for work, and I could probably swing an hour, hour and a half for a long lunch and dropping my camera off.

Whereabouts in Manhattan are they located?

2006-08-08, 05:54 PM
I am all ears . but usualy a its a PITA to get days off,,

so once you have a day, Ill see if I can join in.

Mondays are usually better but again, I know Im a PITA