View Full Version : What are the odds??

2006-07-03, 03:13 PM
I find out that a pic of myself and Dave Budd shooting in LAS at the sunset viewing area is on some website. Here is the link.

http://www.fencecheck.com/forums/index. ... 823.0.html (http://www.fencecheck.com/forums/index.php/topic,1823.0.html)

Scroll down to reply #5. It's the first pic, I am on Dave's red pick-up and he is behind me. Those two guys next to us on the white SUV were tourists from France who wouldn't believe us when we told them the JAL 747 wasn't coming in that day, then went ape**** when an Allegiant MD-80 went by. Go figure. Have to say it's a small world. Can't beat that spot though, can't wait to get back there. BTW joined the site, seems cool!

Steven Holzinger
2006-07-03, 05:12 PM
Welcome to Fence Check! :-)

2006-07-03, 11:27 PM
Very cool!