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2006-07-03, 10:59 AM
Any bets on how long this thread will last?

Sam takes great pics, nothing else.

2006-07-03, 12:58 PM
I have no idea either way about other people's editing....but honestly, you really shouldn't list people's names here (or anywhere else for that matter) while criticizing their techniques no matter WHAT you have heard. How would you feel if you stumbled upon a thread on a board that questioned your integrity?

Conor Clancy
2006-07-03, 01:58 PM
Jealous people tend to make lies up about someone better than them to feel better about themselves.

Sam Chui is a terrific photographer - and people are jealous of him.

2006-07-03, 02:52 PM
Jealous people tend to make lies up about someone better than them to feel better about themselves.

Sam Chui is a terrific photographer - and people are jealous of him.

Been that way for a long time. For the record I doubt very much he pays anyone at anet anything except his first class or premium fees for belonging to the site and I also doubt he manipulates his pictures.

2006-07-03, 03:00 PM
Alright dont get a hernia PM me if you have to say something and delete the topic

2006-07-03, 05:04 PM
Alright dont get a hernia PM me if you have to say something and delete the topic

No one's getting a hernia. Don't be rude....once again, not using common courtesy on a message board.

and FYI: I don't have the authority to delete the topic.

2006-07-08, 02:09 AM
Just to add my two cents worth…

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Chui the last time I was at LAX on April 23rd. I had planned on a long weekend spotting around both the North and South complexes and was to meet my flight attendant girlfriend Michelle. She was working an afternoon flight EWR-LAX for Continental and they stay at the LAX Hilton as the crew lay over.

I had gone to the lounge at the top of the Radisson as I normally do in the morning. My first look outside I noticed another photographer already our there. I set my bag down inside and started to unload my gear. As I put the lens on my camera I again looked outside and noticed this guy was Asian. No biggy I thought and I proceeded to head outside to get my first impression on how the weather and light was going to be. As I walked out I first noticed this guy was shooting with a D2X and an 80-400 VR lens. In my head I thought “No way!!” I waited a few minutes and struck up a conversation. I asked him “What’s your name?” He answered “Sam” and I asked “Sam what?” And he came back with “Chui!!” I stuck out my hand and we shook hands!! What luck!!

He came across as a genuine type. Well mannered and polite. He got a few cel phone calls from family while we were talking but excused himself each time. Seems he was here in L.A. for only a short time and had family matters to attend too. When it came time for him to leave he came over and apologized that he had to run. He did make note that if the weather was good he would probably be up top of the Radisson the next morning.

I shot the rest of the day and ended up meeting my girl and taking her out to dinner that night.

The next morning I rose early and headed back to the Radisson. The light was okay in the early hours and the arriving traffic was good being a weekend. I had the outside patio all to myself for the rest of the day. My girl and I broke for lunch and we headed to our favorite place for lunch near LAX. Just down the road from Imperial Hill on Main Street is an L and L Hawaiian Barbeque that is to die for!! After lunch we headed to ‘The Hill’ for an hours spotting but I had to get my girlfriend back to terminal six as she was working the afternoon flight back to Newark. I pulled up and park near the top of the hill.

As I got out and walked over to the railing I noticed Sam and a few of his friends sitting on one of the benches. I stayed clear and got my camera ready to shoot. A few minutes past and Sam finally looked over. He yelled out my name and came over to say ‘Hi”. I introduced him to my girlfriend Michelle and told him all about us living in Las Vegas. He has an interest in Vegas and he has spotted LAS before. I told him that even my girlfriend shoots photos (see Melanie your not the only lady on JP.net) and we talked for thirty minutes more.


He was the nicest guy you could have met, friendly and outgoing! He took my email addy and phone number and the next time he is in LAS we are going to chat. He did not come across as anything like the rumors say. Please take my word on this. All the regulars at LAX say they have had conversations with him. He normally hangs out on the hill when he is in L.A.

I had about 20 minutes before Michelle had to report onboard. I excused myself to Sam and we darted off. I barely got her to the terminal on time but by the time I got back to ‘The Hill’ Sam was gone.

It was a pleasure meeting Sam and if any of you get the chance please go up to him and talk with him.

Just my Two cents worth..

Dave Budd
[email protected]

Iberia A340-600
2006-07-08, 05:45 AM
I have met Mr. Chui once before at the EWR Model Show back in 2003, he was very pleasant when I introduced myself to him. That was also the first time I met Art.

I have emailed Mr. Chui several times with questions about photography and ever reply has been helpful and kind.

My 2 cents...

2006-07-08, 06:21 AM
Hey Dave!

Welcome to the site! Good to have a Vegas guy here! Good story. I think we all realize that the thread starter was way off base with this thread and should have thought twice before posting it. Sam has his fans and he also has people that don't care for him but one fact is he is good at what he does and doesn't need to do anything shady to get pics into the DB on anet.

2006-07-08, 08:57 AM
Due to an error, this thread was not properlu deleted as it originally should have been. Because there have been posts since that error, I'll lock it from here.

Thanks for not lettig this post get out of hand, folks.