View Full Version : Quick trip to PHL to get the Super Guppy!

2006-06-27, 11:22 PM
I have been trying to get tthe NASA SUper Guppy (N941NA) little over a uear now. Finally things worked out right and I was able to get down to PHL to get it! 941 will probably be my shot of the year.
shot a few other planes while I was down there before the weather crapped out. PHL was a mess today because of weather that was west of the eastcoast. Ground stop with plane everywhere.


Burned out UPS DC-8
The USA A330 shot was strange...the wing went right over my head :)


2006-06-28, 02:24 PM
Holy SH*T!!!!

They must have been positioning the A330, but even still, to go over a fence is one thing, to go over the roadway is IRRESPONSIBLE. What if a catering truck or 18-wheeler was coming down this road? I certainly would not want to be the one writing that incident up!

2006-06-28, 04:13 PM
Yea I felt the same way.....I guess they thought the only person that would really care about that is a pesky aviation photographer and would delight in driving under the wing for kicks! :)


2006-06-28, 07:50 PM
This is a common practice (positioning the A330 wings over the road). It's a dead end road that trucks do not use. The wing is about 17 ft above the ground. It is impressive to see though.

Glad to see you finally got the Guppy. It makes about a dozen trips to PHL a year.


2006-06-29, 03:08 AM
Thanks Paul,
You know if it wasn't for your original Guppy shot at PHL I would not have learned that I had incorrectly put in the flight number in redone (based on the date I saw). Right when I realized I missed that arrival I knew that I must have put in the wrong number. Yes, seems to come to PHL usually at the end of every month or every other month.


2006-06-29, 07:52 AM
These shots are simply amazing....Pucker factor of 10!!!! Wow is the only word that I can think of! BRAVO!!!

Matt Molnar
2006-06-29, 11:46 AM
What does the Super Guppy carry? Why was it at PHL?

2006-06-29, 12:01 PM
What does the Super Guppy carry?

A lot of little fish :D

2006-06-29, 03:04 PM
Thanks Fred for the compliment...

Gotham, John, it carries Osprey parts either to or from PHL.


2006-06-29, 03:46 PM
okay Senga I give....what is the flight number?

2006-06-29, 04:45 PM
NASA flight numbers do not change for most of the aircraft and are constant. The Guppy shows up as "NASA941"- Hince the registration of the aircraft N941NA. For the NASA DC-8 that is registered as N436NA the flight number it flies under is "NASA436" etc.


PHL Approach
2006-06-30, 11:26 AM
What does the Super Guppy carry? Why was it at PHL?

V-22 Osprey's after they are skinned. NASA transports the fuselages to Ellington, TX for avionics and interior.

Matt Molnar
2006-06-30, 11:29 AM
I thought the Osprey program was being shelved? Or am I thinking of something else?