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2006-06-27, 10:26 PM
well just a few days away. And while I dont live to overwhelm our vacations with spotting, you can be sure I'll try to take some photos!

Here is some equipement we are flying...the clock is ticking toward liftoff!

AIR TAHITI NUI 3 JFK New York-PPT Papeete-A343-First

AIR TAHITI NUI 3 PPT Papeete- SYD Sydney-A343-First

QANTAS AIRWAYS 846 SYD Sydney-DRW Darwin-763-Economy

Air North 310- DRW Dawrin-KNX Kununurra-Emb120-Economy

QANTASLINK - NATIONAL JET SYSTEMS 1871 KNX Kununurra-ZNE Newman-BAe143-Economy


QANTAS AIRWAYS 518 PER Perth-SYD Sydney-743-Business

AIR TAHITI NUI 4 SYD Sydney-PPT Papeete-A343-First

AIR MOOREA 205 roundtrip PPT-MOOREA-Twin Otter

AIR TAHITI NUI 4 PPT Papeete -JFK New York-A343-First

and lets not forget, ALLIGATOR AIRWAYS @ KNX, for scenic flight!

The one place I am dying to see is NEWMAN and KUNUNURRA. Perth is the big runner up.

I'll be spotting in SYD as soon as we arrive, then off to shopping and figure skating! ;)

edited to Add Air North and Air Moorea

2006-06-30, 03:33 PM
so here is the spotting update.

I am currently sitting in the SWISS business lounge, by invite as we are on TN 3 in First. We've gota few hours to boarding. Hoping our A330 will be Nuka Hiva

As I type this and lean back gently in my chair, I see:

N755NA, the North American 757
Eurofly A330
another Eurofly A330,
Avianca COlumbia

and further beyond, at their hardstands, are a
Virgin A340 "Diane"
ElAl 747 4x-elc and
another SWISS A330 whose reg. I cannot see.

***But prior to checking into the terminal, Highheels and I took a ride around the ramp and got an invitation to tour the C-17 that is awaiting Dick Cheneys Limo. Very cool. One of our servicemen saw us taking pics and invited us up.

And so the trip begins. Nice way to start!

Havea happy and safe 4th everyone.


2006-06-30, 05:38 PM
S+M? That's how you roll....I knew it!

2006-06-30, 07:03 PM
S+M? That's how you roll....I knew it!

That is just too much of a coincidence.

2006-07-01, 07:30 AM
you just realized thats how we rolled? you are slow, kiddo. slower than our a340 crawling skyward :D

ok in Papeete lounge now as our bird F-OLOV is serviced for our final leg into SYD 8) now qnd this typing will be worse thqn usuql since the keyboqrd is all frenchy like qnd keys qre in defffirent spots:!

greqt flight so far, met the pilot and immediately he asked if i knew about anet. will tell you jumpseqt story lqter:

love riding the A340 its the old school Caddillac Brougham of the sky, first time on one.

>Tom and Phil were correct regarding Air Tahiti Nui FAs

Nik was wrong :]

294 seats on the plqne, 6 of which are first and Highheels and I were ther only F class pax onboard, so our cabin had a luxurious but spacious private jet feel to it

back to sipping Hinano, tqking mucho pics :P

2006-07-01, 09:05 AM
That is awesome. I TOLD you about the FAs!!! lol

2006-07-04, 01:55 AM
spent 2 days in SYD and spent Sunday with Glenn Stewart, an airliners.net photographer, who really showed us an AWESOME time/

ANd I nailed the only plane I wanted to see. Qantas Socceroos! ANd it was her last day in the special paint. that kicks ass.

in Darwin now, I can honestly say that the seats on QFs 763s are WORSE than AAs 757 ass killers.

Staying at hte Darwin Airport Resort, which is paradise litarally 1/3 of a mile from the runway.

gday guys!

from S+M downunder!
(yeah, you like that)

Mr Smith
2006-07-04, 07:32 PM
oi mario don't forget to call me when your here in Perth! we'll do some spotting...if your here in Perth around the 11th or 12th there is a DC8 due. it departs on the 13th.

what date do you arrive in Perth from Newman? i'll send one of my best photographers to get some shots of your arrival, also give me your departure date and we'll get that photographer to get some more shots! (that being me) :)

0438747487 is my cell number.

Mr Smith
2006-07-12, 06:42 PM
spent a great afternoon with Mario on tuesday, the light blew him away and he got some nice stuff that you guys don't get back in NYC. I'm sure he'll tell you about the spot i took him to, highlight was undoubtedly this old bird that's about to get the re-paint. also a richmans falcon came through but no blue Malaysian.


2006-07-12, 06:46 PM
Happy to hear Mario is having a good time, and I knew Mario would enjoy the Air Tahiti FA's. We need to send Nick to an eye doctor, LOL

2006-07-12, 10:57 PM
We need to send Nick to an eye doctor, LOL

What a coincidence - we have one right here on NYCA :shock:

2006-07-13, 07:24 AM
thanks again,! Monty and I had a pisser of a good time.

lots of good brue sky and soft light!

leaving in a few hours on a Qantas 747-300, good ole rolls royce engines, in Biz class, hoping to snare upper deck but will be happy with nose.

then will look forward to TWO separate Air Tahiti Nui flights... :D :D

we arrive back in NY on Sunday the 16th. If the flight is anything like it was on the inbound, we'll have F class all to ourselves and I'll look out for spotters while we are landing. hope to catch you guys from the air

Iberia A340-600
2006-07-13, 07:56 AM
Sounds like you've been having a great time Mario! I look forward to see the photos!

NY on Sunday the 16th.

Looks like your flight arrives 15 minutes after mine! I'm flying back on Iberia 6251 which arrives in JFK at 15:10!

2006-07-13, 10:46 AM
well as I type this, I am just thankful and elated!

some months ago, I was taxiing alongside WUnala dreaming.

Then a few weeks ago I caught the Qantas Socceroos 767 on one of her last 2-3 days in special decals.

Then caught the last Australian 767 in funky orange colors, thanks full out to Mr Smith, the MAN!

And now, just minutes ago, I got some night shots of Yananyi Dreaming, the aborigal painted 737 with winglets.


yep, I still call Australia home.

2006-07-13, 12:06 PM
Looking forward to your shots Mario. Glad to head you are having a Wanaluna of a time.

2006-07-13, 05:41 PM
update, in the Qantas First class lounge right now in Sydney. The flight over on the 743 was smooth as buttah.... sat upstairs for the first time. relatively quiet up there, its like you are in an all biz class BAe 146 ;)

weather is pea soup in SYD thought, thankfully only a few hours unitl the flight to Tahiti on TNs a340...

I will see how these FAs rank.

2006-07-13, 06:31 PM
Mario have a safe trip home! Looking forward to seeing you and Shosh on your return!!!!

2006-07-16, 08:00 PM
dude!!!!!! I've got some special pics to show at the next slide show!!

well, it was a great trip and we're back in action.

going through photos. too many!

Flew on 60 percent of AIr Tahiti's Fleet and saw 80 of hte fleet at once. (not tough to do with 5 planes in the fleet.)

special thanks to my friends in Sydney and Perth, you all rock!

Iberia A340-600
2006-07-16, 09:09 PM
Glad you had a good trip Mario! I saw your Air Tahiti Nui A340-300 parked at Terminal 4 when I was leaving JFK this afternoon.