View Full Version : Anyone want to teach me my camera?

2006-06-24, 06:54 PM
I have a 300D with a 75-300 lense. I went out ah about 2 weeks ago to JFK with a bunch of guys, but unfortunatly im a total n00b and have no idea how to use my camera!

2006-06-25, 12:02 AM
Jordan the next time you come out we can give you some pointers. Generally speaking when we shoot in good light i.e sunny days' we set our cameras to AV mode F8 or F9 and ISO 100. That generally gives you good results. Also trust me when I tell you, read the manual that came with it from front to back! I have the same camera and the first few weeks I had it the manual never left my side and I think I read it a few times cover to cover. Also practice with it, just go out and shoot so you get a feel for it.

2006-06-25, 12:38 AM
yah the best advice is to go practice. I have the same camera, and Ive really had to practice with it before I got a hand of it. Take pics of anything and everything and you'll get a hang of it!