View Full Version : Spotting July 4th Weekend

2006-06-16, 02:59 PM
Hi Guys-

I read but don't post a lot here, but am a native NY spotter. Some of you may know me from http://www.jfktower.com

On July 4th, another jfktower.com member will be flying up to the NY area to do hopefully a lot of aviation and NYC spotting. Just curious if any plans have been made or if anyone will be around and would like to go to some of the usual good spots for JFK/LGA. He is planning to be here from July 1-5, so it gives us a bunch of dates to meet up with some fellow enthusiasts. Thanks, you guys are great!


2006-06-16, 03:11 PM
Hey Andy,

Great that you're coming out! The weekend of the 4th is always a prime time for spotting, though security is a little higher.

As we get closer, let's see what the weather will bring and plan it out from there. I'm sure several of the guys will come on out. :)

2006-06-16, 03:21 PM
Thanks Phil! I'm really looking forward to it. I actually moved back to NY after graduating college, so I'd like to do a lot more spotting now that I'm back. I'll stay tuned!