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2006-06-13, 10:32 PM
Well after seeing a few emergencies in the office, I took the day off and took a day to spot on Monday. I was shooting at non optimal conditions b/c I'm a tool. :(

So here are a few quick edits. Any comments? I want to upload some sunset shots but I am not sure what is dseemed acceptable and what is not. Comments please?
Regardless of what is uploadable, I like my results. I was just out there experimenting with the camera. It pays to play!

This was an arrival on 31R

These were a few 13L arrivals at JFK

All the rest were 22 arrivals at LGA. I like the 31 crossover action.







I'd like to upload one or both of these. tips? thoughts?


Phil and Mel, thanks again, Trump was nice bonus at the end of the pretty day.

2006-06-14, 05:03 PM
wow, over 25 views and not a single comment?

I was hoping for tips, comments or constructive criticism.


2006-06-14, 05:18 PM
You suck!!! LOL j/k

The last two are strange, its approaching sunset but there's enough detail on the plane showing that it looks just backlit. I think the best sunset shots are when you wait until the plane just comes out black. I love the Air Canada shot with the US 737. There's something interesting about the way the 737 is banking and the light on it. The next one down is interesting as well, you have three planes in it. As for uploading a general rule, backlit is a no no.

2006-06-14, 05:54 PM
Nice shots Mario. I have to agree with Tommy though, the last two look more "back-lit" than "sunset", especially Trump.

That little CSA Airbus is always a favorite of mine. Where were you at to get those LGA22 arrivals? Love the cross traffic inthose.

2006-06-14, 06:22 PM
Nice shots Mario,
I happen to like the last one the best. I'd sugest removing the blowneout parts of the sky and brining them down just to the point there they are within the thresthold of seeing detail. Then id add a little color overall to the shot to bring out the planes blues and reds and golds and the skies oranges, yellows and greys.


2006-06-15, 01:56 AM
Hi there,
I know I'm new to this site, and I enjoy looking at your pics. But your shot of Air Canada on approch and US Air on takeoff just doesn't look right. Could you tell me where you were when you took that shot.
It looks like Us Air took off from Queens Blvd and A/C is landing on Vernon Blvd or the rainey substation next to Ravenswood.

2006-06-15, 10:19 AM
Whats wrong with it Photofpd?


2006-06-15, 10:21 AM

He was at MacNeil Park in College Point. They were landing on runway 22 and departing 31 I believe. See point "D" on the LGA spotting map (here: http://nycaviation.com/lgaspotting ) to orient yourself better.

Welcome to the boards! :)

2006-06-15, 10:41 AM
Considering how backlit that photo was, I'd say Mario pulled that off AMAZINGLY well.

2006-06-15, 02:58 PM
Hey Mario,

I'm a huge fan of your Trump shot man.....I think this shot actually looks better backlit than it would under ideal lighting coditions (too bad A.net won't agree with me, haha). Good job, they're all really good! :)

-Omar S.

2006-06-15, 03:50 PM
I am sure you find favor in it for the same reasons I do. There is something about it.