View Full Version : Photo Mod Requests:

2006-06-10, 06:18 PM
Hey guys-

as mike photos has done in the past- i am asking everyone on here to post their requests of mods they would like to see. I am using microsoft paint, soo theres a good amount of liverys i cant do. I have done mods for phil and other people on both this site and abroad- soo and have liked them soo although they might not be as great as mikephotos - i am sure you can see i tried, soo my requests are the folowing :

1.) you provide your e-mail since i dont know how to host any images.
2.) you provide 2 liverys- one will serve as a back up incase i cant do your first one.
3.) please provide equip, and a regestration ( optional) because most photos i do i provide a reg.
4.) also feel free to provide advice or anything else like that if you want to on my work.
5.) i do have finals and regents this week - soo please be aware i might be slow since i do have to study for them :cry: