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2006-05-29, 06:33 PM
Thanks to an in advance tip off from Steve Kurtz, I knew Pink Song's routing for this entire weekend...but it wasn't until today that the runways allowed for me to get her. I got the arrival and departure, but the arrival SUCKED. Light and haze were terrible. Since I wasn't really going for upload material anyway, I went for the departure, too - even though Phil warned me that the haze would probably be too bad.

The arrivals turned out way better than I expected, but here is the Pink Song Arrival...****ty:


...and the departures:


Notice the Iwo Jima decal on this one....it was added to this plane just days ago for a special charter flight for WWII Vets. Pretty Cool!
This is actually a repainted Song!

Iberia A340-600
2006-05-29, 07:18 PM
Great pics Mel! It's awesome that you got to see Ms. Pink Song again. :D

2006-05-29, 09:48 PM
Great shot's Mel. also Thanks to Steve I got some nice Pink Song shots on Sunday, taxi in/taxi out, will be a while before I can upload, again Thanks Steve, we appreciate it !



Steve Kurtz
2006-05-30, 06:01 AM
Nice departure shots! Which runways was in use, and what was your vantage point?

I'll try to keep the pink Song updates coming. I think I may be wearing out my DL buddy. :)

2006-05-30, 09:34 AM
22- arrivals, 13- deps. For the arrivals, I just walked down to McNeil Park to shoot. For departures, we went to the overpass on the other side of the Mobil station (most of you know this spot, I think).

Thanks again, Steve!

2006-05-30, 09:42 AM
May I ask why you like the pink song soo much? The reason for it being pink? or just because it is pink?

Not that it matters....just curious if there was more to it.

2006-05-30, 10:28 AM
I like it for many reasons...the 2 you mentioned, plus some others.

Here is another from yesterday...just thought it was cool.


2006-05-30, 07:39 PM
FYI: I didn't realize before, but the 13 departure spot I used is on the LGA spotting map....spot B.