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2006-05-22, 09:22 AM
With the airshow this weekend I thought it might be good to see who's coming, what day, and if we wanted to meet up. I'm going on Sat along with Fred, Phil and Mel. Fred I'm electing you as the person to secure the best spot since I'm sure you'll be there sometime around 1AM :lol: . I'm picking Phil and Mel up so I'm assuming I'll be there at 8, no later. I remember where we were the last time so should be no problem. For others reference we were down by the shore line directly in front of the huge flag pole.

If anyone wants some info or needs to reach me my cell is 1-516-456-1499.

2006-05-22, 09:37 AM
Sounds good, I will take a few blankets to give us some room. Please
PM me if you MAY go so I can give you my cell just in case. Directions
are very simple, Go directly south of the needle in show center and go to
the middle lifeguard stand. We will be just to the east of the lifeguard
stand. When I say just to the east...I may not leave room for people to
walk inbetween us and the lifeguards :wink: . I am thinking of doing a
sunrise photo shoot but I am not sure yet.

2006-05-22, 09:43 AM
Here is a shot of our arrival last year

2006-05-22, 11:10 AM
Definately going Saturday, probably going Sunday. I expect to get there early, probably not for a sunrise photo shoot, but probably not much later then that.

2006-05-22, 04:04 PM
I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Steven Holzinger
2006-05-22, 05:39 PM
I will plan on being there Saturday and Sunday..will set up near show center, preferably near where the Golden Knights will land on the beach.

2006-05-22, 05:46 PM
Ill be there Saturday most likely, so I'll attempt to join you. I hate standing still so I will probably be walking around alot. Sunday I'll be chilling at FRG. See you there!

2006-05-22, 05:56 PM
I will plan on being there Saturday and Sunday..will set up near show center, preferably near where the Golden Knights will land on the beach.

Thats not the greatest of spots Steve, its very high up on the beach and a bit far from Show center.

2006-05-22, 09:08 PM
Fred only you can make garbage cans look artistic!

I won't be getting to the air show, going to try to meet up with Art and Jason Whitebird if the sun is out, otherwise we got a busy weekend at work. Have fun!

2006-05-23, 11:59 AM
Friday i will be at the beach, and saturday i will be at farmingdale... Unfortunately i cant go sunday :(. But then im going back to the museum on monday :)

2006-05-23, 12:48 PM
I will be at the beach Thurs and Friday most likely and sat and sunday as well. You want to get as close to the water as possible. Tbird I may call your cell to meet some of you guys and girls. I have alot of local friends etc. comming too.

2006-05-23, 02:10 PM
angels are coming in on thursday morning

2006-05-23, 02:33 PM

Just a head's up, word from the office is that if the ILS is NOT back up & running by Thursday, the Blues will stay at ISP!!!! (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Damn'ed Harrier

2006-05-23, 02:50 PM
What about the rest of the planes at FRG?

2006-05-23, 06:49 PM
I'll try and find out. Something says the others will go there, the Blues are just a bit more picky about having an operational ILS.

2006-05-23, 08:59 PM

Just a head's up, word from the office is that if the ILS is NOT back up & running by Thursday, the Blues will stay at ISP!!!! (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Damn'ed Harrier

ISLIP!!! What the ****!!!! I don't give flying ****!!! I'm taking pictures there and they can throw me the hell in jail!!!! Who's going down on Sunday to ISP?? Lets make sure we meet up and show them that they can't stop us!!!

2006-05-23, 09:31 PM
If Sunday is a plan, I am there.

we are meshugenahs!!!

2006-05-23, 09:59 PM
oy vey!

2006-05-23, 10:31 PM
Weather isn't looking that great for Sat right now. Calling for mostly cloudy skies right now. If that's the case I might not do Sat. We'll have to follow the weather as the weekend gets closer. Sunday might be the better of the two.

2006-05-24, 09:02 AM
Thats really sucks about the Blues. I may dedicate one day to shooting and if it is nasty out Sat just watch the show. Wow there is soomething I haven't done without a camera.

2006-05-24, 11:00 AM
Tommy, -IF- they go to ISP, I'll get my wife to drive me over there and meet ya. Let's hope the mechanics at FRG get that ILS up and running ASAP!

Steven Holzinger
2006-05-24, 11:25 AM
A friend of mine THINKS the ILS is up and running at FRG now...

2006-05-24, 01:08 PM
Well that is good, I am not going to KISP just for the blues, when there
will be so many aircraft at FRG. I plan on being about 200ft north of the
touchdown point on New Hwy... Look for my little truck


2006-05-24, 01:56 PM
Oh Fred, you just wanted to show off your little Honda again! ;)

2006-05-24, 03:33 PM
Yea...it is such a chick magnet. If I take the picture down, will you
please stop calling my cell? Verizon has just but a block on your number,
somthin about screwing up my voicemail.....AGAIN!

2006-05-24, 04:43 PM
Hey! shhhhh. That was supposed to be our little secret! Sheesh.

Now you'll have to deal with the administrator. :-P

2006-05-24, 05:03 PM
If he wants a piece of me, look for me on sunday in Farmingdale on the
side of New Hwy at high noon. He can find me by looking for this


2006-05-24, 05:27 PM
That is awesome! hahaha

2006-05-24, 07:01 PM
OK, its 1857 right now.

As of 1731 today, Blue #7 arrived at FRG and its parked over by the Terminal. This is the 2 person F-18. Piloted by a while guy, and a black guy was in the back seat (what would Rosa Parks do, thats not right ;) putting the brother in the back!)


It was awesome. I saw her streaking south along the coastline and then she flew over west babylon, cut a turn and flew by Republic tower before landing.

2006-05-24, 07:08 PM
#7 comes in a day early to make sure that all the equipment is ready for the team.

2006-05-24, 07:29 PM
So that confirms that the Blues will stage out of FRG.

2006-05-24, 07:44 PM
actually, it only confirms that the Blues are still considering it. They could decide that they do not want their aircraft at KFRG for many other reasons than the ILS if that were still an issue (Have no idea on that).

2006-05-24, 07:45 PM
did not mean to cut you off at the knees there Scotty, but it IS a very good sign!!!

2006-05-24, 07:46 PM
Piloted by a while guy, and a black guy was in the back
seat (what would Rosa Parks do, thats not right ;) putting the brother in
the back!)

I believe that the #6 guy was colored last year.... I hope that for his 2nd
year they make him the slot pilot in the #4........for obvious reasons

2006-05-24, 08:01 PM
Just in case you took my last comment as a bad thing, it was not---

Angles are only flying for 2-3 year max. They are regular Naval Aviators
first and last.

The commander is the #1 plane and only fly's the airshow. He is not
responsible for separation of aircraft and makes all the calls for others to
follow (Ever play follow the leader? He only leads). He is assigned the
first year of flying the Blues and is not a big deal... (If that can be said
about any blue Angel!!!)

#2 & #3 have a much higher workload because they are looking at the
separation between the the other aircraft. They do not watch the ground
or anything other than the separation to keep a midair from happening.

the big deal is the slot or #4 Angel. This is the cream of the crop from
the year before. He has to be the best because he is the safety officer.
He is the one that can call any maneuver off.

#6 is the Solo pilot, he gets to do the really high G stuff and really get a
workout (they all do, but ya know they are gonna work the brotha J/K).
#5 also works with #6 for the 2 aircraft maneuvers.

If I was going to rate the 2 top positions, I would pick the #4 and #6 as
the most desirable......Maybe 7 to make the press airsick...that would be

I think the Thunderbirds have a Girl this year.... I used to be worried
about them having one nasty crackup, but now it happens at every
airshow! :shock: (As I hit the deck because I hear Mel knocking at my

2006-05-24, 08:01 PM
When I drove past at 6:30, #7 was parked by the terminal. Also, there was a whole bunch of ground equipment and a fleet (12) of cars (I think rentals for the whole crew.) It looks like they are all set to welcome the Blues.


2006-05-24, 08:04 PM
When I drove past at 6:30, #7 was parked by the
terminal. Also, there was a whole bunch of ground equipment and a fleet
(12) of cars (I think rentals for the whole crew.) It looks like they are all
set to welcome the Blues.


Thanks, I now feel like your avatar!

2006-05-24, 08:13 PM
we just missed each other then!

should be a fun few days over LI skies!

2006-05-24, 08:30 PM
If he wants a piece of me, look for me on sunday in Farmingdale on the
side of New Hwy at high noon. He can find me by looking for this


And you can find me by searching for the guy that looks like this:


If the weather sucks, I won't be out there this weekend.

AA 777
2006-05-24, 10:51 PM
Does anyone have an idea on the time the angels are supposed to arrive at FRG tomorrow?


2006-05-25, 12:19 AM
0945 is the anticipated time... then 1415 to 1500 is their practice. :D. Oh and my schedule cleared up, I WILL be out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The beach on Friday, possibly Saturday and FRG on Sunday.

2006-05-25, 10:10 AM
Ill be out at the beach today to see there practice. Saw 3 seaknights flyover Long Island Jewish Hospital at about 900am.

2006-05-25, 10:51 AM
ok Thusrday monring.

Blue 7 was in, on time, at 0935.

The rest came in, streaking across the coastline and back northwest over the airport together before splitting up and landing. landed a bit late at 1012

additionally, the A-10 pair is there. lots of fun stuff about

Steven Holzinger
2006-05-25, 11:20 AM
I've changed my plans so that I'm going Sunday only...will be on the beach for the airshow and might go over to either FRG or JFK (more than likely) after the airshow.

2006-05-25, 01:41 PM
I think Sunday is going to be the better of the two days, as of now I'm looking to go Sunday and do FRG on Sat.

2006-05-25, 01:58 PM
Shots from today




















The Aftermath of one of the Blue Angels blowing out the ILS!!!

2006-05-25, 02:13 PM
The C-130 and 4 or 5 Blue Angels just flew down the Hudson southbound at about 500 feet, then came Northbound over Astoria, Queens, did a hard 180 and went back down the Hudson southbound !



2006-05-25, 03:00 PM
Too bad I have a job now. I could be home watching and shooting! :lol:

2006-05-25, 03:20 PM
Just saw 2 fighters (I think an F15 & F16 dont quote me) overfly my house, and "heard" them land @ ISP. Will have to investigate later where they are at.

2006-05-25, 03:25 PM
Just saw 2 fighters (I think an F15 & F16 dont quote me) overfly my house, and "heard" them land @ ISP. Will have to investigate later where they are at.

F-15 are based out of Islip! that I can confirm. No F-16 at Kfrg and word of the day is that they were going to be at KISP too. Not enough room at KFRG.


2006-05-25, 03:35 PM
Great shots Fred!

I took a long lunch hour (ok, so I was making up for the 273 consecutive days I had lunch at my desk...) and drove over to the terminal.


They were fueling the birds and getting ready to launch, so I stuck around for a while:


This thing really sucks!


With everyone watching the Blues, nobody noticed me doing a little airliner spotting as well:


2006-05-25, 08:55 PM
I was sitting in Air Traffic Manager's office and heard the startup of #7, those things are loud as hell!

And when I was in the tower as soon as he pullled up off the runway to do his 90 degree nose up climb the ILS damage control siren went off it was amazing! But no one else thought so
because we just got it fixed. Anyway I saw Fred on top of his car and came back later so I got to meet Sean Tucker.

(I'm not that tall only 6', he's just crouching with his parachute on)

The infamous A10's both using the callsign "Tiger 81"

(Those bad boys did a high speed fly-past of the tower, they actually shook the window panes. I would have gotten some excellent pics from the tower but no, those terrorists had to mess up everything, besides the Blue Angels's Colonel was up there today and will be for the whole week, So I had to be professional about everything LOL!

P.S. another random Sean pic

Oh and one more thing, it hasn't been confirmed but there should be a F-14 on Sunday at the beach.(According to the peeps here)

2006-05-25, 09:03 PM
Oh and one more thing, it hasn't been confirmed but there should be a F-14 on Sunday at the beach.(According to the peeps here)

Hey Tom????? Sundays weather just got a lot better looking!!!

2006-05-25, 09:31 PM
Hot damn, an F-14! That will be great.

Oh, btw, I'm down at the FRG terminal right now, and they are doing an engine change on Blue Angel #2. Heard they sent Fat Albert down to Pensicola this afternoon to fetch a new engine.

2006-05-25, 10:16 PM
I'm not saying there will be but that's what the ATM here is suggesting.

2006-05-26, 08:20 AM
Yeah I could have guessed that, they had #2 off to the side right after they landed from there practice thursday. Fat Albert took off at about 4:30 or so, to the tower saying "we'll see you late tonight".

2006-05-26, 08:51 AM
**Confirmed @ ISP**
2 F-15's & 2 F-16's sitting on LI Jet ramp very close to the tower base.
Saw them myself last evening. Not very promising for photo's but Fred thinks he is up to the challenge.

As for FRG..caught this guy arriving last evening around 5:15pm A little gray thanks to the overcast weather. Thank you to the wife for driving me out there.

T-2C Buckeye

2006-05-26, 09:51 AM
Yeah, over by JetCenter there were 2 Buckeyes and two T-39s late last night. The 2 A-10s and the Army Golden Knights jump plane were over by the Airpower Museum.

2006-05-26, 11:52 AM
Ok it looks like Fred and I will be out on Sunday for the Airshow. Sat morning is looking to iffy right now. If you want to meet up with us just walk straight down the beach from the flag pole and you'll find us. I'm planning on being on the beach no later then 8AM. As for Sat it looks like FRG will be the place to be. If anyone needs to contact me feel free to call me 1-516-456-1499

2006-05-26, 03:33 PM
...as long as the wife doesnt back out, I'll be at FRG both Sat & Sun.

2006-05-26, 04:01 PM
yeah I'm flipping my plans too...Sat at FRG and Sunday at the beach. Sunday shows are crowded enough, but now with the bad weather tomorrow its going to be a madhouse...

2006-05-26, 04:06 PM
...a few more from FRG last evening. Please keep in mind the sky had a lot more grey in it than when they came in.




2006-05-26, 04:41 PM
So it seems like there's going to be some sort of airshow this weekend...came across this on the FAA site:
:D :D :D :D

NOTAM Number: FDC 6/7915
Issue Date : May 18, 2006 at 17:10 UTC
Location : Jones Beach, Farmingdale, New York near DEER PARK VOR/DME (DPK)
Beginning Date and Time : May 25, 2006 at 14:00 UTC
Ending Date and Time : May 28, 2006 at 19:00 UTC
Reason for NOTAM : Aerial demonstrations by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and other high performance aircraft
Type : Airshow
Replaced NOTAM(s) : N/A
Pilots May Contact : New York (N90) TRACON, 516-683-2984
Affected Area(s)
Airspace Definition:
TFR Center: 15.2 nautical miles from DEER PARK VOR/DME(DPK) on the 230 radial (Latitude: 4035'31"N, Longitude: 7330'30"W)
Radius: 5 nautical miles
Altitude: From the surface up to and including 15000 feet MSL
Effective Date(s):
May 25, 2006 at 14:00 UTC (May 25, 2006 at 10:00 EDT) - May 25, 2006 at 19:00 UTC (May 25, 2006 at 15:00 EDT)
May 26, 2006 at 14:00 UTC (May 26, 2006 at 10:00 EDT) - May 26, 2006 at 19:00 UTC (May 26, 2006 at 15:00 EDT)
May 27, 2006 at 14:00 UTC (May 27, 2006 at 10:00 EDT) - May 27, 2006 at 19:00 UTC (May 27, 2006 at 15:00 EDT)
May 28, 2006 at 14:00 UTC (May 28, 2006 at 10:00 EDT) - May 28, 2006 at 19:00 UTC (May 28, 2006 at 15:00 EDT)

Operating Restrictions and Requirements
No pilots may operate an aircraft in the areas covered by this NOTAM (except as described).
Unless authorized by ATC.

2006-05-26, 09:47 PM
Pics from today....Friday














Can't wait until the AM...and I will be at the show on Sunday! SWEET!!!

2006-05-26, 10:13 PM
Fred is that the horse transport that was rotating? I got to get that thing this year!

2006-05-26, 10:19 PM
Fred is that the horse transport that was rotating? I got to get that thing this year!

Actually it was a flare...but it seemed really odd to see it after watching all
the Navy guys slamming into the runway.

2006-05-26, 11:09 PM
Fred is that the horse transport that was rotating? I got to get that thing this year!

Get it before it crashes somewhere. That thing is more patchwork then metal. LOL

2006-05-27, 05:15 PM
Ok, Fun day out with the boys, Here are the shots....AIRSHOW Saturday!

Second one there....DAMMIT!








FIRE!!!! (This jet does NOT have an afterburner!)

























I can not wait until I go the the airshow on Sunday!!!

2006-05-27, 05:56 PM
Today was great, got some decent pics (hopefully) and had my scanner blasting on my car speakers (so what if its technically illegal). I saw fred standing on his infamous honda, and Im pretty damn sure you got me in that pic. Hope to meet some of you tomorrow.

2006-05-27, 06:50 PM
Nothing illegal about having a scanner..... I have a couple of other shots ;)

2006-05-27, 07:01 PM
In NY it is illegal to have anything that can "recieve police frequencies" in your car, but its not illegal to have one. Crazy, I know, but i dont really care much. If I ever get stopped, I'll just play dumb.

S 397. Equipping motor vehicles with radio receiving sets capable of
receiving signals on the frequencies allocated for police use. A
person, not a police officer or peace officer, acting pursuant to his
special duties, who equips a motor vehicle with a radio receiving set
capable of receiving signals on the frequencies allocated for police use
or knowingly uses a motor vehicle so equipped or who in any way knowing-
ly interferes with the transmission of radio messages by the police
without having first secured a permit so to do from the person author-
ized to issue such a permit by the local governing body or board of the
city, town or village in which such person resides, or where such person
resides outside of a city or village in a county having a county police
department by the board of supervisors of such county, is guilty of a
misdemeanor, punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or
imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both. Nothing in this section
contained shall be construed to apply to any person who holds a valid
amateur radio operator`s license issued by the federal communications
commission and who operates a duly licensed portable mobile transmitter
and in connection therewith a receiver or receiving set on frequencies
exclusively allocated by the federal communications commission to duly
licensed radio amateurs.

2006-05-27, 07:25 PM
I am amateur radio operator, the law was written so that you can not
have a scanner installed in your car. Handheld is a different story...
Almost all pilots carry scanners or backup transmitters that are capable of
receiving police frequencies. They are legal (or were,but think they still
are). They become illegal if you are using them for profit...IE - Chasing
firefighters for local newspapers, or using it as a burglars tool. I had
been stopped a couple of times at accidents and told I was under arrest
for using a scanner.....If I saw an accident, I would grab the transmitter
out of my car and listen to when the police were arriving. There is
nothing illegal about that!

From your above post, if you have a handheld set, you are ok.....ask any
police officer, they will tell you that you are breaking the law.......just
like "taking pictures of aircraft after 911 is illegal"

Look closely at this line you posted,

"acting pursuant to his special duties, who equips a motor vehicle with a
radio receiving"

QUESTION, are you Acting Pursuant???? no? NOT ILLEGAL!
that line tells me 100%, the law has not changed....it is not illegal

2006-05-27, 07:27 PM
come to think of it, I know many that have installed car radios and that
is not illegal either....it is only if you are using it for anything other than
listening....or if you are committing a crime and listening for a heads up.

2006-05-27, 07:39 PM
What were you wearing at the airshow Grummanfan? Please be descriptive.

Steven Holzinger
2006-05-27, 08:17 PM
I'll be out by show center tomorrow... you guys know what I look like - I think!

2006-05-27, 09:14 PM
Okay, I'll be the first to admit my pics are not as good as Fred's...didn't help I was on the wrong side of the fence so to speak, as well as the other side of the runway. Nevertheless, I submit my shots...again, thanks to the wife for driving me, and sticking it out on arguably the warmest day so far this year.

Mike Mancuso and the Klien Tools Extra 300

A-10 Thunderbolt

Red Barons Demo Team Break to Land

Fat Albert Break to Land

Fat Albert Military Approach

Blue Angels Break

Blue Angels #6 Break

Patchogue, NY

2006-05-27, 09:56 PM
good stuff there, The A-10 shot was Tops!!!! BRAVO!. I also really like the nose down of Fat Albert! Sweet stuff.

Sorry Chris for screwing up our shot of Fat Alberts break, that was awesome...or would have been an awesome shot from where we were!

2006-05-28, 12:05 AM
I'll be at show center to the left of the lifegaurd stand when your looking at the water. I'll find Steve, hopefully we can designate a meetup place or something.

Tower Air
2006-05-28, 01:51 AM
J/w what was there at the airshow

2006-05-28, 04:45 PM
After reading that a bit more carefully, I see what you mean.

Man, what a show. Over 300,000 people. I didn't think Jones Beach could max out, but there you go. Cars backed up to the mainland and they were turning them all away. I tried to meet up with you guys, but I just couldn't make it through the crowd. And Scott I left your cell # at home, so I had no way of finding you. I hung out by the east end of the boardwalk under an awning by the Army National Guard so my horrible sunburn from saturday wouldn't get any worse. Got a bunch of free stuff from them, too. Soon as I get my pics developed I'll post the good ones here.

Everything was great, but Sean Tucker just isn't Sean Tucker without the Challenger. Still put on a good little act with what he had, though.

Fred...green pants, "Anytime, Baby!" Tomcat shirt with black and white shirt over that, Nikon F3 260mm lens and Pro 97 scanner w/ headphones. I had an ice cream cone at one point. Descriptive enough?

And sometime after the Heritage flight I heard on my scanner something about someone landing with an "engine malfunction" at FRG. Any info on that?

2006-05-28, 05:11 PM
If you are referring to today, Sunday. Viper 1, the F16 did land at FRG with an "engine emergency." Even after he landed, on 32, he told tower immediate 180 on the runway and taxi to LI Jet Center, he advised the F16 to hold short of the active runway 1 for the A10 doing a Low pass, he shot back, I AM DECLARING EMERGENCY STATUS AND WILL TAXI RIGHT NOW TO WHERE THE A-10's ARE PARKED. The A-10 did an adjusted low-pass and that was all I heard. Pics of said F16 landing @ FRG to come later tonight.

2006-05-28, 06:12 PM
What a great day! Weather was about perfect, lots of great flying, afterburners!!!

Got to hang out all day with Fred, Chris, Tommy and his friends. Nice to meet Steve & Scotty. Now all I have is about 800 photos to go through (I know, Fred, I'm a slacker!)

Nick - you have to come out next year!

2006-05-28, 07:19 PM
Gee Moose don't be so hard on yourself. I'm the slacker here, I only have to sift through 324 from today, total of 611 for the weekend. Plus an hour's worth of video clips. ;)

2006-05-28, 08:07 PM
Oh man talk about a great freaking day!! All around it was great. Good group of guys and it was great to finally meet Steve and Scotty. As always Fred, Moose, and Chris...good time with you guys. I wonder if the Airforce knows that Fred's shutter finger is faster then the A10's main gun??? They might want to hire him, ahahaha

2006-05-28, 08:58 PM
Does anyone know what time the Blue Angels are departing tomorrow?

I messed up some shots today and was hoping for one more chance :)


2006-05-28, 09:20 PM
Tommy, John, Fred great day with you guys!!!!! Im still going through all my pics... 2,100 Fred lol, but thats from the whole weekend... I don't even compare to you :wink: i gotta change the settings on my camera, i have them up too high :cry: i was unhappy with most of my shots..

2006-05-28, 09:33 PM
Chris these look great. Its prob not your camera or your technique. The setup of the show and the light was not in line. The show was in front of us and the sun was to the left then overhead and then to the right and the sky was white vs blue. Certainly a challenge to shoot in, I think the polarizing filter I was using helped in some cases. See Fred I didn't stop the prop, hehe, Fred was yelling at me for stopping the props. Here's a few


2006-05-28, 09:46 PM
I took a shot or two, I will tally up the totals later tonight...but here are two of the blues I liked



2006-05-28, 10:23 PM
Sorry Greg, the Blues are already gone. They departed FRG about 5 pm. I managed to get there from the beach about 5 minutes before they cranked up.

2006-05-29, 12:10 AM
great photos guys!

higheels and I were at FRG from about 1040 onward. My dad joined us an hour later.

Saw the F16 landing and we just thought it was an extra treat. Actually, we could see him streaking west along the coastline as he went to meet formation for the heritage tour. 15 minutes later, it was just a surprise to have him here.

Got a few decent shots here and there but I was just thrilled to finally see an A-10 in action. I just love them.

PLus it was nice to finally hang out with my dad and see a part of the airshow, something that he hadnt dont together in 20 years.

2006-05-29, 11:06 AM
I'll be the first to say the light was harsh, but I still managed to get a few good ones from New Highway. Comments are welcome.






One Hot Bull - little blurry I know

Viper 1 - declared emergency

Fat Albert Hi-Speed Takeoff

Fat Albert Hi-Speed Pass

Blue 5-6 Takeoff Split


2006-05-29, 11:11 AM
Need to tweak it, but here is my video of the airshow

2006-05-29, 11:32 AM
Fred, What's there to tweak? Absolutely awesome!

2006-05-29, 11:34 AM
It was a really great day, Sorry I didn't make it over to where you guys were. I heard that that the estimated crowd was 270 thousand. I am still working on some shots, will post in a bit.


2006-05-29, 11:56 AM
Fred, you've outdone yourself again!!! Dude you need to get out there and show you're stuff!!!! Your talented beyond belief!

2006-05-29, 11:59 AM
great shots everyone!

John, we must ahve been a few hundred feet apart. Our pics look similar. I was off new highway but in that first parking lot

nice shot of hte red bull! I caught a few shots but not with the fire spewing out. excellent catch!

2006-05-29, 12:12 PM
wow great pics everybody
i went to FRG both days and it was well worth it...






2006-05-29, 12:33 PM
Here are a few Blue Angel Shots from Yesterday.






2006-05-29, 12:39 PM
Those were some great pics.
You guys managed to get some of me too 8)
All I have to say is 'more power to ya'



Just some FYI . . . .

1) I turns out the F16 did not have a serious engine problem(even though it was an emergency). Some of the damage was due to P51 :lol: the pilot constantly having to turn his engines up and down to stay in formation with t6he old warbird caused his engine to overheat. (At least that's what Jet Center Maint. told the ATM. :wink:
Also the Angels did depart on Sunday

2)There were people that called the Police about low-flying Jets around buildings but nothing was said about Bttleships in NY harbor :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 8)

2006-05-29, 02:35 PM
Fred, I had to stop thje video halfway and commend you. YOu really know how put all that enthusiasm into something really spectacular!

Fred, Have to tell you, Screw the Sam Chiu;s of the world, you really great with that camera!

2006-05-29, 06:41 PM
Tom, Fred, Moose, Urban it was great to meet all of you guys. Had alot of fun, what a day for the show. I heard on the scanner that they closed the whole Jones Beach State Park at around noon as they reached their 300 thousand person capacity. Couple of the pilots reported about 7 or 8 mile traffic line from the toll booths on the Meadowbrook. Both the 15 and 16 demos were much better on saturday I thought. They had the burners on more. Anyone know why the f-15 bailed out of the heritage flight half way through on sunday? I thought the blues put on one of the best shows I have seen in a whileboth days but Sunday was tops. The vapor they were pulling out of the air was sick. With the exception of number 3 messing up on the diamond dirty loop the show was superb. Fred those were the pics I wanted to see posted :D I'm livivng vicariously threw your guys photos, lol

2006-05-30, 11:32 AM
Here is a neat shot

2006-05-30, 01:32 PM

That slide show is awesome. What program did you use to create it? Some one I know has been looking for a good slide show program.


2006-05-30, 01:34 PM
Photostory 3 by Microsoft

2006-05-30, 04:55 PM
That slide show is freakin amazing. I have spent alot of time doing video editing, and it is obvious that you have the touch. The inverting on the beats is on the money, and adds so much to the feeling of the final product.

2006-05-30, 06:02 PM
FIRE!!!! (This jet does NOT have an afterburner!)

Looks like they had us both fooled, Fred. From http://www.redbullmig.com

The MiG-17F (F for Forsirovannyy-boosted or afterburner-boosted) was the widely produced variant of the MiG-17

Also found this at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum site:

The main difference between the MiG-17 Fresco A and the later MiG-17F was the power plant. The MiG-17F used the more powerful VK-1 F after-burning turbojet which provided a substantial increase in power for takeoff and combat maneuvering over the older Fresco A model (the "F" in MiG-17F stands for Forsirovannyy, meaning "boosted").

2006-05-30, 10:43 PM
That slide show is freakin amazing. I have spent alot of time doing video editing, and it is obvious that you have the touch. The inverting on the beats is on the money, and adds so much to the feeling of the final product.

Thank You very much, compliments like these are the reason I put so
much work into it! I am touched by all the great comments in this
thread... Thank you all!!! You are a great group of guys and I can not
wait to see you all again soon....oh and Mel, I can not wait to finally
shoot.....um, I mean meet you ;)

sorry if I got too sappy there.... I had a moment! :D

2006-05-30, 10:45 PM
Thanks Moose... I had no idea... Very weird that he just bumped it every now and then...but mainly when inverted!

2006-05-31, 09:31 AM
FRed, I watched it again last night and again, thanks man, really.

I cant imagine how much went into that, but it was just brilliant. Dont ever stop baby!

2006-05-31, 09:38 AM
Thank you very much Mirrodie.....did your wife ever get to see the BBQ video?

2006-05-31, 01:09 PM
so how was the show everyone? when sean tucker got home on monday we drove over and hung out for a while while he broke his airplane again... according to him it was great...

2006-05-31, 02:17 PM
so how was the show everyone? when sean tucker got home on monday we drove over and hung out for a while while he broke his airplane again... according to him it was great...

The show was great but Tucker sucked! But that's not a fair assessment if his plane had problems. I'm guessing that's why he was only on for 2 seconds. To bad really

2006-05-31, 02:30 PM
Unfortunately, I only discovered this place today, so I don't know if I (accidentally) saw any of you. I did, however, spend a large part of the weekend watching the air show.

Friday: Headed down from work to FRG for about an hour; not too much going on, mostly regular ops, but I did catch Fat Albert landing on 14 before I had to get back to the office.

Saturday: My original plan (at my girlfriend's suggestion) was to head to Point Lookout and watch the show from there. Once we got there, though, the haze seemed a bit thick, so we (well, I) decided to head over to FRG and check things out there. We spent around 20 minutes near where the Angels were sitting before heading to the shopping center parking lot just up Rt. 110. Most of the arrivals and departures were on Runway 1, so the view wasn't great. The Red Bull Mig took off from 32 and flew over us, and the Angels took off from 14 (and taxied off at this end when they came back), so it wasn't a total wash.

Sunday: Went down to the beach to see the actual show this time (from Field 1). This was a good spot; while plenty of the action was closer to the boardwalk, this spot was down near where most of the planes were turning around, so it wasn't all just straight flight past us. Other than the sheer number of people trying to leave afterwards (I have no problem believing that there were 300,000!) it was quite enjoyable. I only wish I hadn't managed to fill up three 512MB flash cards before the Angels were done!

With the exception of Friday, the weather was very nice for it (and I've got the bad sunburn to prove it!). If nothing else, I've now been taught to always bring a camera to work with me, since I happened to see a couple of the show planes up and about Thursday afternoon.

On the off chance that anyone else from here was near FRG on Saturday, along the fence by the shopping center, I was the one with the scanner, on the ground near the guys with ladders.

I also managed to shoot over 1,500 pictures in two days, which I'm uploading now, and will likely spend the rest of my life changing levels on. If anyone's interested, I'll post a link, and some of the betters ones, after I've done some serious culling.

2006-06-01, 02:01 PM
Finally got a chance to go through my stuff from the weekend, thought I'd share a few:

Looking out the back of the ANG HC-130:

Here are a few of the Blue Angels:


Fat Albert's low approach toward the crowd - bet those boaters got quite a view!

Departing FRG Sunday after the show - can you say "heat haze"
http://www.nycaviation.com/hosting/JM_2006_05_28_BA_TailView.jpg :D

2006-06-01, 08:12 PM
john, i love the head on prop shot, sweeeet!

2006-06-01, 09:11 PM
john, i love the head on prop shot, sweeeet!

Thanks, Mario. I wish it were just a touch crisper, but I'll live with it :D

I think those Marine C-130s have some odd props - I think I noticed something that looked like twisted tips (?) on the one that came in when the Harrier ran off the rwy, and you always end up with such great vortices showing in the shots.

2006-06-03, 10:06 AM
Mario and Fred, nice to meet you gentlemen on Thursday. Here's my first post...

















2006-06-03, 10:17 AM
I think the Friday shots are easy to pick out. It was a Great show with alot of haze and right into the sun until the Blue Angels which made for some challenging photography.














A true Tomcat fan


2006-06-03, 10:33 AM
That shot of Fat Albert on the deck is TOPS!!! WOW! It was niceto meet you guys on Thursday.

2006-06-03, 11:31 AM
Top notch shots!!!!!. Sorry Fred next time I'm not shooting backlite conditions!!!!!

2006-06-03, 05:39 PM
Excellent shots, I love the blackham with the ships behind it, in the mist!

very cool to meet you too. I didnt realize you were in Melville. We are in Rollingwood. Are you nearby?


2006-06-03, 08:50 PM
Finally got a chance to upload my pics. Keep in mind that I'm still shooting with a 35mm and I had to scan these up, so the quality/brightness is a little better in reality. Here are my favs...

Red Barrons


This shot was by complete accident. I never thought about doing double exposures with airplanes, but this shot is giving me ideas...

Red Bull MiG






Is that you, Fred?

2006-06-03, 10:44 PM
Found those aerial pics, too




2006-06-03, 11:00 PM
Is that you, Fred?

YES! :lol: :wink: Nice!

P.S. I am wearing my NYCAviation shirt!!!!

2006-06-03, 11:14 PM
Represent, Fred!!! :D

2006-06-03, 11:19 PM
This shot was by complete accident. I never thought about doing double exposures with airplanes, but this shot is giving me ideas...

Sometimes the best photos are complete accidents; I know I've had that happen to me a couple of times. Great shot!

2006-06-04, 12:11 AM
Grummanfan, that was brilliant! double exposures are probably the only reason I miss film! what serendipity!

2006-06-04, 12:54 AM
I tell you Fred you have me envious with that slideshow. Awesome Job! I'm going to have to get that program ASAP.

Moose, you've got some shots to be proud of yourself. Love the C-130 shot coming off the water. Wish I knew that was coming Saturday. I was unprepared.

Mario, there are a few digital cameras out there that do multiple exposures and the D200 is on my wish list. As far as location, I'm right behind you on Sweet Hollow Road.

2006-06-04, 08:53 AM
I tell you Fred you have me envious with that slideshow. Awesome Job! I'm going to have to get that program ASAP.

Thanks.....Photostory 3 is a free download from Microsoft...if you run windows xp

2006-06-06, 10:41 AM
Dan, I think I see myself in those beach aerial shots. I'm the guy in the bathing suit and sunglasses, lol.

2006-06-06, 05:55 PM

Thsoe shots are AMAZING. What kind of equipment are you using?

2006-06-06, 11:15 PM
Nikon D100 with a 400MM lens....Waiting for the ceiling to cave in and Nicks head to pop out screaming NIKON BABY!!!!

2006-06-07, 10:27 AM
Alright, I finally finished going through all 1600 photos from the weekend (and it only took me a week and a half!).

Some of my better shots:











For all the photos: Saturday (http://gallery.pgengler.net/2006-05-27) and Sunday (http://gallery.pgengler.net/2006-05-28)

2006-06-07, 01:06 PM
Not array of shots there Phil.

Where were you when you took the FRG shots?

2006-06-07, 01:55 PM
Where were you when you took the FRG shots?

I was near the shopping center at the north end of the airport, near runway 14.

2006-06-07, 08:26 PM
Home of de pot

2006-06-17, 01:36 AM
Great shots of the 106th and the Viper. ;)