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2006-05-19, 04:24 PM
Not really a local incident but thought I'd share with you all anyway!

Last Thursday I was in Florida for a few days and went to take a look at Tamiami.

I took a couple of shots of a Brasilia stored there painted in a dayglo orange color scheme with Austro titles.
I carried on weaving in and out of all the side roads, and just as I was about to leave an SUV pulled over in front of me, the driver got out and I could see a badge attached to his belt. He also had a DHS T-Shirt on. He motioned me to pull over, which I did and he walked over and told me he had stopped me because he had seen me taking pictures of aircraft.

He asked for my driver's license and wanted to know why I was taking pictures of aircraft. I told him it was a hobby. He then asked if the car I was driving was a rental car, which I told him yes. He then asked if I was a US Citizen, I said "no-permanent resident", he then asked how long I had been in the US, and I told him 4 years in June. He then asked if I liked living in NJ, I said yes. He said "I'm from Manhattan originally"

He then asked what I was doing in Florida. I told him I had come down to watch and photograph aircraft. He just laughed, handed me my license back, said "you don't have any weapons in the car do you" I said "no", to which he replied have a good day and went back to his car.

He never ran my details or gave me any grief about the hobby.

If only cops in the NY area were so easy going!

Tower Air
2006-05-28, 02:00 AM
Cops in Nyc Make A Name For Them selves.