View Full Version : Your catches for 2006 so far

05-03-2006, 09:51 PM
back in Jan Josh posted a topic "What planes do you want to photograph in 2006?" and with a good few months under out belts it might be interesting to see where you stood. If you forgot what you put in Josh's topic here's the link


My original choices for 2006 were

1. L1011 from ATA, I'd love to get the one in the old old colors
Got her at DFW in March

2. Shamu at ISP
Got her in BWI in March, I'll take it.

3. Slam Dunk One
Got her in ISP by total surprise.

4. U.S Airways 757 in new colors
Still need to catch this one.

5. PanAm 727
Got her at JFK.

6. AA 757 with winglets
Got her at JFK and LAX

7. A380
Going to catch this big bird in LAX this summer!

Overall I'm very happy that I've seen so many of the birds I wanted to shoot this year. So far 2006 has been a fantastic year with some wonderful opportunity afforded to me by some great folks! Thanks to all who've gone out of their way!