View Full Version : Weekend Spotting On The Fly

Matt Molnar
05-01-2006, 11:15 PM
I really wanted to meet you guys at Planeview on Saturday, but one of my best friends flew in from San Diego for the weekend and I had to keep her entertained with nonstop fun New York things. Unfortunately, she's not too amused with planespotting. :( On the bright side though, in between having fun with her, her visit did give me some lucky spotting-on-the-fly opportunities. Nope, no photos, just felt like posting some of the more interesting things I saw.

--She stayed at a hotel in Woodside right under the runway 4 approach, so I spent a good amount of time looking out the window. I was surprised to hear a couple of arrivals around 1am last night.
--After hanging out in Brooklyn and Manhattan today, she was leaving from JFK, so I hopped on the AirTrain for the first time. Some of the high speed stretches are rickety like a wooden roller coaster...and just as scary when you remember a computer is driving.
--Saw a rare JFK visitor... Air Jamaica A340.
--Saw the CargoLux 747 Mel shot.
--Got to watch one of Kalitta's old 742s land.
--Saw an Air France 773ER on the ground for the first time...and it was clean. :D

Also saw lots of stuff that I've read about here but hadn't seen in person.