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2006-04-26, 06:51 PM
Anyone up for going out this weekend?

We might have a special guest in the form of a reporter that's doing a piece on aviation entuhsiasm.

Come out and represent your hobby!

I'm thinkin maybe a little LGA and JFK.

Iberia A340-600
2006-04-26, 07:05 PM
I have to check what I am doing this weekend but if I'm free I will be there!

2006-04-26, 10:01 PM
I'll be back in DC again :)


2006-04-26, 11:50 PM
I would love to get some shots in of something other than BizJets at KTEB... will my wimpy 55mm lens be able to catch anything or will it be pointless?

2006-04-27, 12:36 AM
Sorry dude not this weekend. Lens is in for repair and yardwork is calling.

2006-04-27, 10:12 AM
same here. I felt guilty monday.

my car was giving me problems, the house's electric was flickering, had to wait for LIPA last night, got to finsih the living room....

in other words, got to keep the woman happy. as long as shes happy, I can steal away more time in the future.... :)

2006-04-28, 12:17 AM
Mario, understatement of the year, I have only been married 2 1/2 years but I learned right off the bat, keeping your wife happy is EVERYTHING. That's why you guys never see me out on the weekends and I am happy with my choice. Will get out one of these days, whoever heads out have fun !



2006-04-28, 08:56 AM
amen to that ron...

sorry guys, saturday is paintball at high velocity. sunday, might be able to steal away sunday after work. anyone up for that?

2006-04-28, 12:02 PM
Hi there,

i am Julia, the "special guest" Phil mentioned :D

I am working on a profile of the community for the New York Times and would love to meet as many of you as possible. I'll be hanging out with Phil most of the day tomorrow, so if you can join us, please do! I want to get the most accurate, thorough sense of the community as I can.

Hope to meet some of you tomorrow,


2006-04-28, 03:24 PM
When and where will everyone be meeting on Saturday?

2006-04-28, 05:18 PM
Hi Phil,
I plan to spot at JFK this weekend. It will be my last call till Fall 06 as heat/haze gets bad day by day. Plan to be there both Sat/Sun. My cell 860-605-5020. Frequency will be active after 04:30 Sat (gotta get early start out of CT) and will stay overnight at one of the area (JFK) hotels. Hope to see you then,
Pleasant Valley, CT

2006-04-28, 05:20 PM
I'll be out in Planeview park by LGA's rwy 4 by 0730 on Sat. The wind is forecast out of the NE at 12 Kts. I was there today (FR) from 0830 to 1 pm. Saw the US "Allegheny" 319 depart around 0900, but it hadn't come back by the time I left. GREAT weather today!!! Ya'll come out now ya hear!!

2006-04-28, 06:41 PM
Josh and I will be out at Planeview (assuming arrivals on 04) by 7:30am...

Looking forward to meeting you, too, Julia! :)

2006-04-28, 06:45 PM
enjoy, sat is out for me. I am fully booked tomorrow. today would have been nice though...

might do some spotting sunday as I have to pick someone up at the airport anyway, but we'll see. hope you have a great day.

2006-04-28, 08:31 PM
According to the winds, it looks like they will be landing on 4, so Planeview Park will be the place to go.

Anyone who needs directions can go to the NYCA site and go to Tools>Spotting Maps>LGA and look at it there.

If you want, anyone one of you can email me and I'll give you my phone number (I'll reply with it in emails when I wake up since I'm going to bed early) so you can call me anytime after 6 or so.

See you folks out there. :)

2006-04-28, 08:49 PM
Wish I could join you guys, but unfortunately not. We begin the downwind leg of the trip home tonight. First stop Incheon for a few hours then onto to AMS for a day. Have fun and hope you get some great shots.

Anne and Art

2006-04-28, 10:12 PM
I'll be out there tomorrow.

Not sure what time, but I would think definitely by 10am!


Iberia A340-600
2006-04-29, 10:50 PM
Today was a really great day for spotting, despite the numerous runway switches at JFK! :lol:

At the end of the day the cops finally came but as they where leaving Iberia 6253 came roaring in over head and I managed to grab a shot! As we where leaving Cargo Plaza I noticed Speedbird 115 heading for 13L so I had my dad stop so I could grab a shot of it with the sun.

Here are the 5 photos from today that I thought where the best and I edited them for A.net and Jet Photos.


2006-04-30, 12:05 AM
Really quick before I go to bed, just wanted to share a couple quick edits from today. Planeview was great...lots of fun - Allegheny was on the Shuttle schedule. JFK got a bit tricky with the strange runway configs and totally erratic changes. Thanks to Eric, I had my very own 20D for the day, with a 100-400 to go along with it from Raj! Thanks again guys! :D

Blah blah...too tired for captions:


Iberia A340-600
2006-04-30, 12:06 AM
Wow Mel you got some great shots! I especially like the Spirit A319 and the Aeroflot 767-300.

2006-04-30, 12:11 AM
Thanks kid! ;) I was so glad to see that you caught your Iberia before driving off. We were so disappointed for you when we saw it coming right after the cops told us to leave. Good luck with Anet!

2006-04-30, 08:24 PM
Gordon, that 747 is amazing!!! Was great seeing you and your father out there again. I hope you guys get to come down a lot more often.

2006-04-30, 09:10 PM
Good to meet Raj, Eric and Tom yesterday, as well as Phil and Melanie. Sorry I couldn't make it out to JFK with you all, looks like you got some good shots.

Mel those pictures are amazing!

Did anyone happen to get the registration of the Starjet 727? Heat haze was too bad at lunchtime for me to read it off!

2006-05-19, 04:31 PM
Did the story ever make it in the NYT?

2006-05-19, 04:32 PM
Last I heard from the reporter, they were still making some final changes. Maybe it will make it this Sunday. :)