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2006-04-25, 09:15 AM
wow, you all know I dont spot much.. and most times I do, it rains...

but yesterday was insane at JFK

unmarked 727
TAM (we think special colors)
Lufthansa soccerball747
Virgin BirthdayGirl
British Airways Signature
Pink Song
Wunala Dreaming
ElAl extra flights

like I said, Im the guy that gets nothing but rain on my spotting days, so I just had to share, I got some sun and some stuff that I never thought I'd see!

2006-04-25, 10:05 AM
Yesterday was insane!!!! We were chasing Wunala down the taxiway!! It was out of a movie, LOL. Really looking forward to editing some of these shots and sharing them with everyone! Thanks again Mario!!! WE TOUCHED TRUMP!!!

2006-04-25, 03:36 PM
I put a few up on jpnet. For all my crying about the rain, I'll try not to complain anymore.



2006-04-25, 03:48 PM
Way cool Mario - you done good!

2006-04-25, 06:14 PM
Nice line up Mario,
I didn't even know TAM had a special colors A330. Something to keep an eye out for then.
What did the unmarked 727 look like?
My Psychic Powers tell me that it was N908JE (silver)

2006-04-25, 06:30 PM
Senga, few can emulate your psychic abilities ;) or access to info;);)

Either Tom or I will get to them. it was a Tam that we think had some special markings. I hav e still yet to go thorugh the last time at JFK, then SXM and now yesterday.

its actually pretty funny, I have to post that video of us taxiing with Wunala. screw photos, that is just fun

2006-04-25, 08:21 PM
Awesome Trump shot Mario!


2006-04-26, 10:28 AM

I just got a few more accepted, I love all of them, especially N612AA with the ElAl 777 banking onto 13L as if he were in Top Gun school :P

BUt this last one was just wild. I was staring at the rudder and realized something was weird. That little bit of rudder turn exposed the underlying previous paint.

im just pumped, so excited! Got Wunala, contrails, MaxJetliftingoff..im just so excited!

2006-04-26, 11:30 AM
Love that pic of ZS-SXA Mario - I'm very partial to the SAA pictures - after having lived there for 30+ years...and..known quire a few of the flight crew through contacts of my father...

2006-04-26, 11:51 PM
thanks Mark. I'm glad you like.

I love the SAA pics too, so I'm happy to catch her just the way I wanted to.

in retrospect, anything aside from jetblue at JFKm is really sweet to take photos of.

I hope to fly SAA in 2010