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2006-04-11, 04:18 PM
Last night I decided that I was going to go out today for the scheduled 11am PSA arrival...if they were using 22 for arrivals. I really wanted to get a skyline shot of her. Sure enough they were still using 22, so I headed out around 10:30 to shoot. Blech....where was Manhattan? It was blue skies above, but the entire city was hidden by fog. Also, the clouds on the horizon were doing funny things to the exposure...bad lighting overall. I was pretty disappointed, but i figured I'd get some side-ons anyway. Well, 11am came and went. No sign of PSA. I stayed about until after noon, and then decided to just call it a day...I had already gotten lucky and caught this:


This is what I thought would be my last shot of the day:


Then, not 20 minutes after I got upstairs and started loading my shots, Phil called me and told me to run back down to the park with the camera....he works in Westchester and had just seen 2 F-14s inbound to LGA.


Nothing even resembling an F-14 was anywhere in sight. When I spoke to Phil, he said "If you see a Jetblue, you missed them....because I just saw that overhead"....sure enough, JUST as I hung up the phone, this came around the corner:


Soooo. I went BACK home since we both figured I had either missed them or they weren't going to LGA.


My phone rings again. Phil had figured out that the F-14s were preparing for a fly by over Yankees Stadium for opening day...and that the game hadn't even started. He told me there was a 50/50 chance that if I went back out, they'd be landing. I figured after all of my efforts, why give up at this point, right?

I arrived back down to the park just in time for....!!!!


A very unexpected late PSA...immediately followed by the 2 Tomcats...which you can see in their own thread. So, even though none of these shots are super quality (and all edited on my laptop), I still had fun doing it! :mrgreen:

Alex T
2006-04-11, 08:42 PM
and THAT is a true aviation spotter.....

my god Mel you sure made me become out of breath. I could see you running liek that, camera in hand going "waaaiiitt!!"

Good job on Phil on keeping u updated too!

Wish i could find a girl to do that too!


2006-04-11, 09:00 PM
I still had fun doing it!

YES! DUde, and that is just awesome! IN the final analysis, who cares if its a 'good' shot, as long as you had a ball! Nice!

2006-04-11, 09:20 PM
Hi Mel, just for the record to help maintain the intregrity of my little airline the PSA birds rouitngs where changed last min for Tuesday to a different Shuttle line, did not want you to think we where running a coupe of hours late or anything, nice work !