View Full Version : thanks for deleting my post.

2006-04-03, 02:20 PM
Sorry I didn't know the Quantas 707 belonged to Travolta. I'm obviously not in this in crowd of yours. Thanks for making me feel welcome!

2006-04-03, 02:31 PM
Your post was deleted because a thread on the topic already existed, which is clearly explained in the rules in the Site Related forum, as well as int he email that you received which notified you of the deletion.

The deletion of your thread is nothing to be taken personally, but is a necessary action to keep the flow and organization of the message threads intact.

When a message gets deleted, an email is automatically sent giving you an explanation, and even a personal message from the deleting moderator. In addition, it even sends you a copy of your deleted post, so that we can URGE you to copy and repost it in the other, already existing thread.

That feature is NOT default on these message boards. It is something I added when creating this site. I did it so that members like yourself can repost what you said, understand why the action was taken, and so you can enjoy a clean and organized message board.

Also, as explained in that automated email, the message is not a warning or threat, just a friendly reminder and notification.

In addition, this very thread was posted in the wrong forum, as we have a Site Related forum for this same purpose. This post is being moved as well, and you will again receive another email notification.

It is a shame that you feel insulted by this, but we have our rules for a reason and we stick by them.

We do value your participation.

-Phil Derner Jr.
Site Administrator