View Full Version : Anybody out there this Sat, Sun & Mon?

2006-03-30, 01:56 PM
I am coming to NYC this weekend. First visit since 9/11. I am a little nervous. Is anyone going to be out and about athe NYC area airports this weekend? I'd rather not spot/photograph alone, if possible.

Can you take pics at LGA's Central Terminal?

2006-03-30, 07:58 PM
Hi rocco727,

Looks lke a few of us will be out there this weekend. If you check out the other thread, people are already planning it out.

As for shooting inside the terminal, it's usually ok. We were told that we should call the police desk to let them know that you are an aviaiton enthusiast taking a couple plane photos int he CTB, but the last time we did that, police showed up and kicked us out, not understanding that we were not doing anything wrong and that we followed the rules that we were told to follow.

So, spot at your own risk. Or follow the other thread and hang with us! :)

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