View Full Version : A few shots from a quick trip to Orlando

2006-03-24, 05:03 PM
Went to MCO for a quick trip to check out Delta Connection Academy.
Our Departure out of LGA's 31 was pretty interesting.


2006-03-24, 05:15 PM
WOW! I love these shots. Waaaaaaay before Phil was even a twinkle in my eye, I had been taking shots like these from planes, on every flight I was on since I was young (obviously not nearly comparable in quality, but still).

Great work Senga! Keep 'em coming! :mrgreen:

Matt Molnar
2006-03-24, 05:17 PM
Shot #1 is now my desktop @ work (replacing Phil's MaxJet skyline shot, sorry Phil.) :)

2006-03-24, 05:38 PM
Senga I was impressed how well the first shot did on JP, even made "Screeners Choice". I have had many simiiliar type shots with lots of hits but never that honor ! Congrats. What did u think of SFD ? See any European heavies while you where there ? The parking lot at DL Connection acedomy used to have a very short fence to shoot over,about chest hight, don't know if that is still the case, have not been in a few years.


Ron Peel

Alex T
2006-03-24, 05:50 PM
Excellent shots very nice to see them. NYC really looks great.

Definetly would love to come see the city.


2006-03-24, 10:49 PM
Thanks guys,
I ti was ahrd to work with those shots ebcause the weather was SO bad and my window was cruddy. But I supposed its better than nothing.

You know this shot made the "shot of the day" unfortunate it was added within 30 min before the 23rd change over it so it was not displayed. VERY DISAPPOINTING! I always unknowingly added my shots at the last min and not having it counted the next day. For us here remember add after 2am am to get a fair shake. I cant tell yo how many times I have gotten screwed.

SFB was ok i guess. Not much really to look at other than the Euro-arrivals. A few retired Southeast Airlines DC-9s and a load of AAY MD-80 types a few Pan AM 727s and ex UAL 727. I did se a Falcon Air MD-80 type but was unable to shoot it at hte time.

2006-03-24, 11:20 PM
Congrats on the Screeners choice photo Senga! Nice job.

2006-03-25, 10:23 AM
sweet shots Senga! And congrats!

2006-03-27, 10:47 PM

Awesome shots! No airport in the U.S. provides better area shots than LaGuardia either departing or arriving....proven yet again by these shots and Ron's.


Iberia A340-600
2006-03-27, 10:53 PM
Wow beautiful shots! I can see were my sisters apartement is in the third shot!

2006-03-28, 04:24 PM
Thanks guys,
I was finally on the right side of the plane to see somehting good. If the sun had been ont alot of those shots might not have been doable so I am thankful. They have a nice shot fo EWR ont he other side of the plane BTW.

2006-03-28, 04:38 PM
is that a 757 or A320 that you were on?

2006-03-28, 04:41 PM
Looks like a 757...no wingtips. Right?

2006-03-28, 05:20 PM
your right I was just looking at the top picture and couldn't see the wing tip ( or lack of one)

2006-03-28, 06:47 PM
Looks like a 757...no wingtips. Right?
according to the info @ jetphotos it seems you are right!

2006-03-29, 12:31 AM
Wow beautiful shots! I can see were my sisters apartement is in the third shot!

LOL...I can see my old house in the second shot! Good stuff....