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2006-02-22, 08:47 PM
Everybody has a story that evolves.

I really can't say exactly what got me into photography but I've been interested in it since I was young. I do recall going through shoeboxes full of photos that my father took over the years. Of family, planes landscapes. Heck, some of you have seen the old plane photos.

I also recall going to military airshows with my parents and that got me into taking photos of aircraft.

And I do recall in 92 I took a bunch of film on a soccer tournament to Europe and I think that sealed it. Lots to take pics of. I loved photojournalism, documenting every aspect of those few weeks in Europe. I think that was my big jump into taking photos.

Then in college I took lots of photos on the LIRR and vacations. I continued to evolve as did my subjects.

Finally into digital and I love shooting planes, wildlife, landscapes, cities, whatever inspires me.

Well, where did it start?

I just found out the most insane and interesting piece of family history recently. My grandfather, (my dad's dad) died when my father was seven years old. He left behind my grandmother, (still living it up in MIA) with seven kids. But this being the 1950's, families found their way of doing things and the family survived.

Fast forward to last week, we were talking about the past when my dad springs on me that his father was the presidential photographer for president in Haiti. Definitely Estime and perhaps Magloire, back in the 50's. HOly cow, my grandfather was hired as a photographer for the president of this nation. And as my father's siblings moved with my grandmother, the AIRLINES actually LOST all my grandfathers photos! (another thing that runs in this family. the airlines love misplacing our stuff)

I was floored. In fact, Im still in shock. I guess its in the genes!
And you guys are creating the environment so that gene expresses itself!
SO I guess thast part of what got me into photography. But I thank my father for getting me into Av-photograohy.

What got you started in photography?

2006-02-22, 11:49 PM
I'm sorry to digress....but I must point out how impressed I am with the lack of typos in this, considering who the author is.

See, that spell check button ISN'T for decoration, Mario!

2006-02-22, 11:55 PM
and I didnt even use it. I did it all by myself ;P aren't you prowd mommy? I can spewll!

2006-02-22, 11:58 PM
except that you spelled the most important word wrong, honey....photograPhy ;)

But, back to the topic on hand, folks....

2006-02-27, 04:55 PM
No other interesting stuff to share?

2006-02-27, 06:06 PM
i've been into photography for some time now, started in grammar school with my father's east german zenit 35mm film SLR, that continued on through high school. i got into digital photography when i was in college and worked for a modeling agency. that taught me a thing or two... =P. i didn't get into aviation photgraphy until i got back to NYC after college. that's when i got in touch with the NYC crew and they got me going. i started off shooting with my point-and-shoot film camera until i was able to get my nikon kit going. since then i've been on a decline with the shooting mainly because of starting a family and crazy hours at work. now that i've got a set of wheels again and some more time coming up (due to retiring from one job) i'll hopefuly be able to get my ass back out to shoot. i'm waiting 'till summer though, too friggin cold nowadays, rather be in bed with my wife.