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02-20-2006, 05:01 PM
I was wondering if anyone here liked the idea of having a chatroom, i know a few programs that would provide us with one for free. Just a suggestion , i thought itd be helpful considering all of us dont have the same im provider (yahoo/msn/aol etc.)

Whats your view of it?


02-20-2006, 06:08 PM
This has come up a few times before.

The thing is that in order for a chat room to work, you need to have a certain number of people online at one time to participate. On average, we have about a handful of people logged in at once, and it really is not enough people to go through the trouble of creating a chat applet and having someone moderate it.

If we grow a lot more in the future, this might become an idea to consider.

Thank you much though for your idea, Shannon. I appreciate your suggestions.

But please, folks, lend me your thoughts on this as well.

02-20-2006, 06:15 PM
I like the idea, but as Phil said we need the traffic to support it. I would participate in it. Good way to communicate.