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2006-01-22, 01:32 AM
mostly sunny, winds NE 5-10 i plan on LGA. ANyone else

2006-01-22, 10:14 AM
Ill be there, theyre using runway 4 arrivals over planeview...and its sunny!

2006-01-22, 05:43 PM
I sure hope you guys got there early and go this one ?


Departed about an hour later to YYZ then back to SFB !



2006-01-22, 07:33 PM
well today turned out to be a great day!!!! got there around 10:15. Met up with John and Erik. too much to sum up in words so here are the pics.....


2006-01-22, 08:55 PM
Whoooohaaa, that PAA 72 is not a usual is it???????

2006-01-22, 10:04 PM
I was talking to a cop who was there watching the planes... YES I SAID COP!!! NYPD officer enjoying the planes.. He told me that he has seen it one other time before.

And here is a "lil" story if anyone is interested....

While spotting I saw some NYPD cruisers with their warning lights on coming out of the marine terminal area... With a bunch of black cars. Then i happened to notice 2 pedestrians walking on the parkway, east bound. The convoy started to go east also, then out of nowhere the second car after the cop stopped short(it was a Chevy Impala) the cop proceeds slowly.. Then gives 2 bursts with his siren, slams it in reverse back up to the convoy, then at the same time the impala slams into reverse peeling out going back. They then waited a minute and continued on. It was very interesting indeeeeeeeeeeed :shock: heres the cars, in order.. I know it has nothing to do with aviation but i felt like i was in a movie lol


2006-01-22, 10:19 PM
I went out late this afternoon and got a few good shots.

surprised to see this around 4pm.

Heard Cactus 12 over the scanner, this is what showed up, I guess fresh out of the paint shop.


Steven Holzinger
2006-01-23, 12:21 AM
I was out at LGA with a friend of mine in the afternoon... had two cops from the NYPD come over...we chatted for like 15 minutes about aviation, airliners, Flight Sim, and I even told them about this Mad Dog that was coming in at the time... but we decided not to shoot that much more because I wanted to get over to JFK...and we did. Got to the "alternate 31R spot" because my friend says he hates the Costco spot with a passion. Saw Canyon Blue come in...all those other arrivals (didn't get too many good pics though which sucked) and then as it got dark, two more of my friends joined up and then thats when they switched to landing on 13L. We went over to the Cargo areas until 9 pm watching the arrivals and such... real cool! I miss that spot!

2006-01-23, 10:30 AM
It was great seeing Chris and Erik out at Planeview on Sunday. I missed the Pan Am, but got one of these myself:


Haven't see this before - an American Eagle RJ in special "Make A Wish" markings:


Saw a bunch of biz jets as well:




It was great weather, and great spotting, hope to see you all out there again soon.

2006-01-23, 02:30 PM
Wow. I spent the weekdn at the LGA Wyndham Hotel, and had a 5th floor view facing the airport.

While Chris was at Planeview, I was taking pics from my hotel window. I've only edited one so far. It's a really bad edit of it, but jsut an example:


2006-01-23, 04:33 PM
Phil, your ATA shot looks pretty good to me, much better than I would have expected ! Looking forward to more.


2006-01-23, 04:38 PM
I went out late this afternoon and got a few good shots.

surprised to see this around 4pm.

You got that Emirates at LGA? I'd be surprised too! :D

I assume you were at JFK, right? Nice shots!

2006-01-23, 05:14 PM
I was over at JFK. All shots were at JFK.

2006-01-24, 11:31 PM
Hey John that kid who ran away from us when we went to talk to him is Conor Clancy. His pictures are up on jetphotos....

2006-01-24, 11:44 PM
Why'd he run?

2006-01-25, 09:16 AM
Why'd he run?

Don't know - we (Chris, Erik and I) were over by the end of the park closest to the approach path, he was over by the bench facing the airport. After about 10 minutes, I suggested we go say hello. As we headed his way, he turned & went over to a parked van and got in. We decided to hang out by the bench. After a little while, he came out of the van, and headed down where we had been, giving us a wide berth. Eventually he headed back to the van and left, but never came close to us.

2006-01-25, 01:48 PM
Are you sure it was Conor? I've spoken to hi online and he is often very friendly. He's a member here as well.

Either way, I really regret not having gone there that morning. I stayed in the hotel room spotting, and though I loved the views that I got, I also received a lot of haze from the heat of the terminal and the APUs of aircraft in the alley.

So my shots came out like **** and I missed out on some USAF and Pan Am action.

2006-01-25, 03:02 PM
I stayed in the hotel room spotting

Some date you are. I feel sorry for Mel. :)

2006-01-25, 04:16 PM

....yes, we all know where Phil's priorities are. :P

On the other hand, after this weekend of being saturated full of plane nerdiness, ask me how many planes I can identify. My repertoire goes beyond Dash-8's now. :wink:

2006-01-25, 07:20 PM
Well while everyone was out spotting on the 22nd I was on my way to Texas but I was able to catch Slam Dunk One at ISP. I was pretty pumped to see her there. Interestingly enough two hours later when we were pushing back for MDW she landed again.


2006-01-25, 07:35 PM
Whoa, you weren't kidding about getting a good shot of her. At ISP no less!!!!