View Full Version : LAS Airport info

2005-12-29, 06:00 AM
have any of u guys spotted at las.. i was thinking bout doing a day trip is it feasable.. im going to do it all on foot

2005-12-29, 09:50 AM
When you going Miike? I would be happy to meet up if I can get up there that day. If you are on foot you will have to cover some ground. I mean the parking garage may not be good if 19L is still closed so you would have to walk from the terminal to Sunset, or UNLV if they are using 19R and the sun is right, or LVB to catch 19R depatures. These spots are a bit of a hike. Give me the day, I can schedule a day of spotting at LAS to be the day you come in and drive you around.

2005-12-29, 02:25 PM
i was thinking mid january around the 11th 12th that area...

2005-12-29, 05:42 PM
That should work. When you know the exact day let me know.