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12-16-2005, 03:24 PM
A lot of businesses send other businesses that they work with baskets or something like that this time of year to show appreciation for all the work blah blah blah.

Sitting on my desk is a fancy basket. Had to cost at least $45. Who knows how many of these baskets the sender sent to various people and businesses.

It's beautiful, but the contents are not super appetizing. "Peppermint Bark", "Water Crackers", Smoked Salmon, Tapinade, Creme de Priouline and stuff that sounds fancy, but really must be latin for ****.

I wondered what I would want in my own baskets. Maybe some snacks that aren't TOO common, that one might find to be a good find during the holidays.

Mine would include:

- Ritz Crackers
- Medium Salsa
- Small (bite size) tortilla chips
- Small jar of deli pickles
- Taffy
- Assorted Chocolates
- Small block of Parmesan cheese
- Carafe of a red wine
- 8 oz. glass bottle of Astroglide (kidding)

Another Christmas tradition is the stocking. For me, I would get a stocking filled with tiny items like candy or cheap toys to hold me off until my entire family woke up so we could do the main presents together. As I got older, they became a shipment of hygienic products and candy.

I don't have stockings anymore, as an adult. But if I did, here are the little items I would request be tossed into there:

- Pack of 3-blade disposable razors
- Plain ChapStick
- Small deck of airline cards
- Pilot G-2 medium point black pens
- Post-It Notes
- A dozen AA batteries
- 3-pack of Durex "Natural Feeling" prophylactics
- Half-dozen dental dams

What would you want in your basket or stocking?

12-16-2005, 07:41 PM
thank you phil, you showed me how to spell prophylactics...