View Full Version : well, off to pop my cherry with the new camera

2005-12-05, 07:02 PM
so this is it, headed to LHR and PRG to relax, visit and drink but I am thrilled to be staying right near LHR.

taking a 28-80 and 100-400 with me, along with the 20D

also taking the baby canon s500 for bar photos :) and also for video capability.

Just out of curiosity, will any one here be over there this weekend?

Also, if wx permits tomorrow, I'm on an AA 142, the 777 to LHR tomorrow. I'll be waving and looking for spotters and snowblowers!

2005-12-05, 10:14 PM
Wish I could say I was but I am stuck here with the snow! :x

Besides I am headed in the other direction! Have a great time Mario. Good Luck with the camera and bring us back some good shots.

2005-12-06, 01:13 AM
Interesting choice of wording for your title....:D

2005-12-09, 05:16 AM
pretty insane days here, really foggy and having a tougher time catching the aircraft over the pub, each day.

just to give you an idea how close we are to LHR, last night whilst walking home form the tube, I smelled coffee, but a weird coffee. I kept asking Shosh, "dont you smell that?" ##finally she agreed. we're stiall walking back to the pub when I blurt out, WAIT,.....it smeels like...AIRLINE COFFEE??!! Then I look around...

sure enough, GATE GOURMET is situated 300 feet from our pub :)

well, going to see what shotting is like today, looks like crap though