View Full Version : JFK December 1st

2005-11-30, 09:57 PM
Well just looked at the wx and there should be some sun tomorrow. I am probably heading out to JFK. The earlier the better. Anyone going to be in the area let me know. I will post my time of departure tommorow. I am hoping to be out by 10AM. Would love to go to the taxi stand again. :mrgreen:

2005-11-30, 10:22 PM
Would love to go to the taxi stand again.

Nice Nick!!! I would recomend you right on a piece of paper "I love cab drivers"(JERKS)) and stick it to your back lol. Hopefully they are on the 4s!!!!! And just to get something off my chest, my girlfiend is coming home tonight and *sigh* shes flying Southwest.. where did i go wrong? lool

2005-12-01, 11:07 AM
LOL, that is funny Chris! If 13L is in use I will be right in front of those cabbies shooting away! It's just after 10AM, should get to JFK about 10:30 or so, if anyone is around come find me. I threw on some golf attire today so I got the preppie look going.