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2005-11-29, 12:37 PM
Back to work (and fast Internet access) after Thanksgiving week vacation, thought I'd post some shots from last week. On Wednesday (11/23) Tommy A, Nick V and I spent about 4 hours spotting JFK arrivals. Yes, it was cold and windy that day - the strong winds out of the NW kept them on 31 all day, and fortunately for Tommy, he had Fred's son's sweatshirt in the car to use as a hat (his "ghetto" look).

We started out at Inwood Park around noon, as JFK was only landing 31L. Shortly after we got there, they started 31R arrivals as well, and we headed over to Costco, hoping to get the new MaxJet colors. Of course, MaxJet ended up on 31L, so we missed her, but we did get to see most of Jet Blue's fleet, including two E-190s:


The Cathay A-340 came over - that's a long airplane - couldn't fit it all in one frame :D


We even saw a Pakistani 742:


(Hey Mario - you see the kind of stuff your new big white lens can get you!)

Got to see the EOS 757 - of course, Tommy beat me with the first upload of these new colors on JetPhotos (you bastard :D )


We never saw any local law enforcement - I think between us being over on the water side of Costco, and the cold weather, no one paid much attention to us.

After 4 hours of spotting (ok, most of the time we sat in Tommy's car to keep warm, and jumped out to shoot) the light was just about gone, and we headed to TGI Fridays for some massive burgers. All in all, a great day of spotting with a couple of great NYCAer's, even got 3 new ones on JP.net. Looking forward to the next time.

2005-11-29, 11:01 PM
Nobody said anything to us becuase they prob thought we were nuts being out in that cold. The light was really hard that day though, the contrast from dark to light was really off. Good times though.

2005-11-30, 10:41 AM