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Mr. C
11-21-2005, 04:42 PM
First of all I would like to congratulate you not only for the nice website but also for this forum.
I will not post too many topics here as I do not live in NY or even near (in fact I live on the other side of the Atlantic), but I would like to know one thing if possible.
I am going to visit NY next month of December, and even though I will have very limited free time, I just couldn't sleep well without knowing this.

If someone wants to go to any of the NY airports (lets say La Guardia, as JFK seems even more far) and wants to use the public transportation to get to any spotting location, how long will it take to get there, departing from the Saddle Brook (NJ)area ? (10 minutes...half an hour...two hours...???)
Or is it easy/faster to start such a "journey" from Manhattan ?
Also...to try and take a taxi...makes any sense?

thanks for any help.


11-22-2005, 05:46 AM
Wow. That would take a while. I'm not sure where Saddle Brook is, honestly, but I'm positive you're talking at least over an hour, and probably closer to or over two. Anywhere in Jersey by public transportation would take a while.

Staying in Manhattan is a lot easier, but no matter where you stay, getting to JFK spotting locations is extremely difficult by public transortation.

LGA is a better bet. To learn how to get to LGA's locations, just look at the location at this link:


Mr. C
11-22-2005, 05:57 AM
Thank you very much. I was expecting something like that (It's like that in London, Paris, Madrid...), but still I wanted to be sure I wouldn't be missing an "easy shot".
I'll stay with my "plans", to visit the USS Intrepid, and a chopper ride over Manhattan.
If the photos turn out ok, I'll share some with you right here, if you don't mind.
Once again thank you very much (for killing my hopes :cry: ...just kidding)


11-22-2005, 06:07 AM
why not just spot at EWR,

Mr. C
11-22-2005, 06:40 AM
I never thought on that, but actually what I was aiming for, was to try something like I saw on photography websites such as a.net and jp.net, that were made in KLGA, with the aircraft+NY skyline as a backdrop.
Those are my favorite photos, where you can easily relate the aircraft with the place where the action is taking place.
It won't be possible this time, as it seems to be quite far, but that's life. I'll have to go this time, and make plans to the future.
But thanks anyway for the suggestion.


Steven Holzinger
11-22-2005, 04:09 PM
Saddle Brook is not too far away from the I-80/Garden State Parkway interchange, and getting to LGA and/or JFK from there is going to take quite a long time, regardless of what kind of transportation you take. You'd be going across the George Washington Bridge into NYC, which will take forever, considering the line on I-80 heading east will be backed up several miles because of the toll booths (you pay going into the city), and I would pin about 1 hours getting to LGA from the GWB, so maybe a 3 hour trip from Saddle Brook to Kennedy... on a good day! To LGA... maybe 2 hours.

You're better off driving instead of taking public transportation.

11-22-2005, 08:43 PM
Of course he'd be better off driving. Not everyone has that option though.

I think that spotting at EWR is a bad idea. Security is too high and good spots are tough to come across.

11-23-2005, 06:07 AM
jsut hang out at the Cafe at IKEA it used to be better when the outdoor deck was open to seating, but the indoor isn't bad, just get a table by the window and just buy some food so no one bothers you.