View Full Version : Dust on the inside of the 100-400 lens

2005-11-20, 10:49 PM
Ok not a serious problem cuz it doesnt show up on photos... But there is dust on the inside of my lens... anyone ever have the same problem? and if so how did you solve it?

2005-11-20, 10:56 PM
What end is it on? Is it on the inside of the glass or you mean on the end that goes into the camera?

2005-11-20, 11:17 PM
Sorry Phil, yeah its on the inside of the glass.

2005-11-21, 10:34 AM
This happens to the 100-400 and the Nikon 80-400 too, I have both, with dust.

Don't worry about it. If its a problem its gotta go back in for service to clean it.

Both these zoom lens displace lots of air while changing your focal length, and yes air does has dust in it , so it happens.