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2005-11-07, 01:13 AM
I was looking on Airliners.net and saw some photos up from the Canon 5D. I didn't even know it had come out already.

It's cheaper than I thought, but still a little pricey at $2,499.

Even so, I don't see how they can compare it to the 20D on dpreview. Wouldn't this be more comprable to the 1D MarkII?


Looks great except for the price tag and the frame speed. Three per seconds isn't that good, but I usually don't shoot full auto though.

2005-11-07, 07:25 PM
It has less shooting modes. And like Phil said the 3 FPS isn't great, just like the 350D. there is no built in flash(which probally means that it wont be liked that much by "amateur's") I dunno besides the high 12 MP quality. I am not too impressed with the camera, that's just my opinion i don't want to start a war over it ;) Sorry also in a bad mood...lol

2005-11-07, 07:56 PM
Well, with my 10D, it's an upgrade i terms of photo quality and auto focus speed.

I'm really not one to hold the shutter down, so the 3fps doesn't matter TOO MUCH to me.

No built-in flash....also useless to me.

The only thing I don't like is the price tag.

2005-11-12, 11:18 PM
Were upgrading from the 10D to the 5D at work. I can't wait, a new toy for me hehe. Hey Phil, where did you get that price from? We have been seeing $3000+...


2005-11-12, 11:23 PM
I heard that the 30D is coming out in the Spring, which might be a better choice for a 10/20D replacement.

You're right, expressjet, it's goin for about $3,200. My bad.

Matt Molnar
2005-11-13, 03:30 AM
Anyone hear about the new Nikon D200? 10.2MP, 5 frames per sec, same imaging engine as their D2X pro model, 50ms lag, shutter up to 1/8000, and a bunch of other fun stuff for only $1,699, coming next month. I'm a Canon guy myself, but with Nikon upping the ante a bit, hopefully Canon will lower the price point a little on the 30D, which will have similar specs.

2005-11-13, 04:08 AM
I envision the 5D having 10mp and similar features as you just described for the D200. I'm not worried. I just wish it came out sooner.

2005-11-13, 02:23 PM
The 5D won't show any quality difference, say over a 20D, if your looking at on-line uploads or 12X18 prints.

Its going to have an advantage for:
Giant prints (med format territory)
No crop/mag factor, for macro shooting, true 35MM glass equivalents. Wonderful for you flower photographers.

And it will:
Show very nicely every single little flaw in the 100-400L lens, All zooms have flaws in them. Found that out the hard way using the 1D-MK II.

Thats the beauty of the 1.6 factor like in the 10/20D, the sensor concentrating more on the "sweet center spot" of the glass.

And it won't:
Give you the great 1.6 factor, making the 100-400L , instead of 640MM on the long end, its just 400MM.

Anyone using this camera will be in a "world of hurt" trying to shoot from Howard Beach. Your going to say good bye to 240MM of reach! More pixels are cute, but you can't "crop in" a 240MM loss in your frame shot, LOL!

This camera is just not the "right tool for the job" for what we do here.

Its just an econo 1Ds, for studio work. Big n slow.


2005-11-13, 02:48 PM
Hey GothamSpotter,

The D2X, been there, done that. Back to the store it went.

That camera is riddled with problems, worse yet it won't work a damn for what we do as well.



What is your subject will dictate what lens can you use.
Then you have to get the camera that will work best with that lens.

Mike-------the voice of alot of very very $$$$$$$$$$$$ experience!