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2005-10-30, 04:49 PM
Took my first trip to LGA for something other than a trip. This was my first time shooting moving aircraft with my new Canon Digital Rebel XT using 100-300mm lens. Please forgive the quality, the sky was a little hazy, not that perfect blue that I wish was there. All shots taken from parking lot of the World's Fair Marina. Feel free to critique, it's the only way I'll get better.

I wonder if that bird knew how close he was to that RJ!


2005-10-30, 05:32 PM
Nice photos! i'm glad you were able to get to enjoy this beautiful fall day. Expressway Visual 31 landings are so relaxing and to watch from there.

2005-10-30, 06:00 PM
Nice shtos! Today was certainly a great day for shooting.


2005-11-01, 03:32 PM
nice shots!

I really like the second Song shot. And the last one is really nice too.

Alex T
2005-11-01, 03:42 PM
great shots, I love them, i do se some blurryness, but i promise, they are SO much better looking them some of mine. My fav was the last one of the AA MD80. That is an excellent shot.!!


2005-11-01, 08:42 PM
My fav was the last one of the AA MD80. That is an excellent shot.!!


Yikes :!: :!: :!: :!:

2005-11-01, 10:00 PM
OK, nobody jump on me but I have a bunch of questions.... First off,
you have a good eye for going at the aircraft, my questions and
problems are on a hardware level.

I love the shots but notice there is a lot of grain in them. I pulled the EXIF info on the Continental 737
Original date/time: 2005:10:30 11:26:11
Exposure time: 1/2000
Shutter speed: 1/2000.01
F-stop: 7.1
ISO speed: 400
Focal length: 300.0000
Flash: 16
Orientation: Top-left
Aperture: 5.6556
Exposure bias: 0.0000
Metering mode: Pattern
Exposure program: Action
Digitized date/time: 2005:10:30 11:26:11
Modified date/time: 2005:10:30 15:10:20
User comment:
Compression: 6
Camera make: Canon
Camera model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT
X resolution: 72.0000
Y resolution: 72.0000
Resolution unit: Inches
Camera version: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 Windows
Colorspace: sRGB

and realize that you are shooting at 1/2000ths of a second at ISO 400
will give you some grain with this camera, but it seems a little excessive.
Question....I know these are cropped but did you post process and or
sharpen these? and how?

In your last picture, there is very bad chromatic aberration also known
as "purple fringing". If you notice the top of the boat in the
foreground...the blue above it. Now from the Exif info, I can see that
you were again at ISO 400 with 1/2000ths of a second at F7.1.
Question.... What Lens are you using, and what mode do you use to
shoot in?

I find that with my Tamron 70-300, it is very soft at 300MM with an
aperture lower than F9.0-11.

Looking forward to seeing much more in the future, Nice work and
Congrats on the new camera!!!!! What a great day!

2005-11-02, 01:47 PM

I was using a Canon EF 100-300 mm lens. I had set on Auto-Focus / Auto-Program. Yes I did crop the photos, and used Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 to sharpen/crop them.

I am still getting used to the camera, and how it works, so I ran "all auto" for this trip. One of these days I'll get out with the "gang" on a photo shoot and one of "y'all" can give me some pointers.

Thanks again for the comments!


2005-11-02, 04:10 PM
Cool, glad to hear that you sharpened them and amplified the noise...I
was a little concerned. Do you plan on doing any night shots? What
lens's do you have and what is on your wish list? I love my XT and if I
can give you one piece of advice.....DON'T DROP YOU 300MM LENS IN A

Can I have some more info on your lens and how much you paid for
it??? If it is the Canon 100-300L for like $350....we need to talk quick.
Any info would be appreciated.

Matt Molnar
2005-11-02, 05:40 PM
Using ISO 400 in bright sunlight could cause that effect, couldn't it?

2005-11-02, 08:07 PM
Yes, but this is still worse than I would expect to see. I just want to say
that I am being super critical with the issues. It is a new camera he has
and his shots are great, I am looking for lens info and want to see if it is
just the lens is too open. F-7.1 on an lens that has an F-5.6 at the zoom
end should not give you that much chromatic aberration.

Can you post some more pictures at a higher F Stop like F9-11. ISO will
not matter so if you need to shoot at 1600iso, that is fine. I do not mean
to rain your happy day, but I want to see what lens this is exactly so I
can look up the reviews, test shots and specs. If you paid $350 for the L
lens, I would think you need to send it back ASAP. If it is the El cheapo
like my Tamron AF70-300mm F/4-5.6 LD that I got for $130.00, then we
need to find out where the lens sweet spot is.

I just want to make sure we are on the same page....OH, Cool tip

If you really wish you had 3200ISO, underexpose the picture by 1 full stop under exposure comp while at 1600ISO and then brighten in photoshop, You will have the same exact amount of noise in the image and you will not have to worry about a future hacking the camera.

2005-11-02, 08:19 PM
For ****s and giggles....here is a shot that I took so you can check with
your originals. As you can see, it is 1/2000ths sec at ISO 800 F-stop 8.0

Original date/time: 2005:05:01 18:23:55
Exposure time: 1/2000
Shutter speed: 1/2000.01
F-stop: 8.0
ISO speed: 800
Focal length: 300.0000
Flash: 16
Orientation: Top-left
Aperture: 6.0000
Exposure bias: 0.0000
Metering mode: Pattern
Exposure program: Aperture priority
Digitized date/time: 2005:05:01 18:23:55
Modified date/time: 2005:05:01 18:23:55
User comment:
Compression: 6
Canon macro mode: Normal
Canon self-timer: 0
Canon quality: Normal
Canon flash mode: Not fired
Canon drive mode: Single
Canon focus mode: One-shot
Canon image size: Large
Canon easy shooting mode: Manual
Canon digital zoom: None
Canon contrast: Normal
Canon saturation: Normal
Canon sharpness: Normal
Canon metering mode: Evaluative
Canon focus type: 2
Canon AF point: 0
Canon exposure mode: Av-priority
Canon long focal length: 300
Canon short focal length: 70
Canon focal length units: 1
Canon flash activity: Not fired
Canon flash details: 0
Canon G1 focus mode: Single
Canon white balance: Auto
Canon burst sequence: 0
Canon flash bias: 0.000000
Canon firmware version: Firmware 1.0.1
Canon serial number: 320109359
Canon owner name: unknown
Camera make: Canon
Camera model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT
X resolution: 72.0000
Y resolution: 72.0000
Resolution unit: Inches
Colorspace: sRGB


2005-11-05, 10:52 AM

Congrats on your new cmaera purchase! Your shots are lookin good and I hope to see more soon. :)


2005-11-06, 02:08 PM
Thanks Phil!

I hope to make one of the gatherings soon. I also want to meet up with Fred (Derf) being we are practically neighbors, and he can explain all the techincal jargon to me. Some of his night shots at FRG are just incredible...but then again, you knew that.