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2005-10-26, 12:26 AM
Hey my name is Joey. I am 17 years old and live on LI. ISP is my hometown airport and US Express is my favorite airline.

I found this website through LGA Kids day in September. I saw a whole bunch of you and some were wearing shirts that said nycaviation.com.

talk to you all later!

Joey 8)

2005-10-26, 12:55 AM
Hey Joey...welcome! It's great to see that you remembered the site from Kids Day and came by to check it out, that's exactly what we were hoping the shirts would do. :)

Do you ever go out spotting (at any airport)?


Alex T
2005-10-26, 12:12 PM
oh dear lord another ISP fan. haha

glad your on board. I am not from the NYC Area, I am in the STL area, but I know a couple of people in the NYC Area who had me join this site.


2005-10-26, 03:26 PM
Oh no :roll:

Not only an ISP fan but he is named Joe!

You realize of course you have to love WN or Joe Grant will not let you love ISP!

Hope you like to spot at JFK and not ISP. Unless you like to not see anything and get hassled by the SCPD.

Welcome to the site!

2005-10-26, 08:49 PM
yeah welcome Joe,

Tower Air
2005-11-01, 08:38 AM