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2005-10-21, 04:46 PM
well, I am revisiting hte issue and its time me thinks.

I bought the Canon Rebel in Summer 2001, the day before my trip to Australia. Was not ready to jump into digital yet.

then in 2004 i bought the digital, pocket sized Canon s500 (5 MPs and hte size of a pack of cigarettes) which is great for parties and small video clips. nice for taking out with friends but not great for artistic photography.

PLus, I've never been really thrilled with how digital prints come out compared to film print. but I am throwing htat up to the 5 MP that I have right now .

So I have a few lenses for my Canon Rebel (film) body. Those mountings should be the same as any Canon digital SLR that I buy now, right?

I was thining about Canon 10d, not hte digital rebel. And I wasnt going to bring it up on anet mainly b.c you guys know me as an individual and I trust your opinion.

bought hte canon from B+H, but I am glad Tommy gave the great endorsement for Cameta Camera. Are their prices like B+H Tommy?

looking forward to some in depth chat.
Mario, the BBQ chef extraordinare!

2005-10-23, 02:20 AM
the mounts should be the same eos mounts i bought a EOS 1N from 1997 and it works with my 100-400 and my 28-135 so u should have no problem. the 10d is a great camera.. still worth every penny i paid for it

2005-10-23, 07:10 PM
Mario Cameta's prices are pretty much the same as B&H, none of these places are going to have radically different prices on current models. The 10D is discounted though so you might be able to get a really good deal. I was going to upgrade to the 20D but I'm going to wait till they come out with something new and take advantage of the 20D coming down in price.

2005-10-25, 03:48 PM
The 10D is discounted

Discounted or discontinued?

I might wait too then.


2005-10-25, 04:16 PM
I was never a good speller, lol its discontinued. If there wasn't something called a spell check I'd be a functional illiterate. lol

Alex T
2005-10-25, 04:30 PM
I was never a good speller, lol its discontinued. If there wasn't something called a spell check I'd be a functional illiterate. lol

you already are dude. on AIM holy ****...you cant type worth crap....:-P

2005-10-25, 06:31 PM

I can't say for the place Tommy knows...but with B+H you have a week to return whatever for CASH!

I have yet to see another camera store that does that......ONLY store credit.

And don't forget.......Never buy any extra warranty!!!!!!!!!!
Money down the ****ter!


2005-10-26, 10:19 AM
thanks Mike.

IF Cameta is comparable to B+H, (even though B+H is like camera disneyland) then I might just go there. Also saving money on the train trip into B+H :)

2005-10-26, 04:56 PM
Mario I have to say after learning what Mike just I'd go to B&H if that was important to you. While I love Cameta they don't have a refund policy, only store credit. I wasn't concerned about that being I wanted what I was purchasing and if there was something wrong with it I could easily exchange it. If a money back return policy is important to you then B&H is your answer otherwise try out Cameta.

2005-10-26, 07:10 PM
You sound just like I did in July when I purchased the Nikon D2X, it should have been "the best" but did not work with my set of lens, as it shoud.

Even now I'm still stuck with store credit :cry: (should have went to B&H !)

Its real nice to have way out if for any reason things just don't work out and you want to wait for the next new camera, ete....


2005-11-02, 11:10 AM
I just ordered my new camera a Minolta DMC FZ5 from Vanns.com out in Montana.

They have a return policy of 15 days of receipt in original condition and packaging for cash back or exchange, providing it's not a clearance item.

2005-11-02, 03:06 PM

Thats cool! Thanks for sharing that.


2005-11-08, 03:18 PM
So since you guys know me all too well,

Should I go for a 10D or 20D? I have ruled out the digital Rebel and all I need is the body. I can use my other lenses.

also looking for suggestions on a good lens. Want a higher zoom than the current 70-200 that I currently have.

I'm going to go dpreview right now but comments please? You know I trust your judgement.

Phil, you know I wanted to wait, but I am so bumed about not having shot anything at all (other than with my handy little s500)

If I have a camera, I'd be taking more pics (duh) :)

desparately seeking your sage advice fellas, Mario

2005-11-10, 12:09 AM
The "only" lens thats going to work for you, "doing this"-- airplane stuff, is the 100-400L

Your 70-200, is it the f4.0, f2.8, and IS?

The 20D is the one to do.


2005-11-13, 04:12 PM
actually, I meant to ask, is the Digital Rebel XT much different from the 20D?