View Full Version : JFK security screener caught stealing $80,000 from bag

2005-10-20, 10:30 PM
October 20, 2005, 8:15 PM EDT

NEW YORK -- A security employee at John F. Kennedy International Airport was charged Thursday with stealing $80,000 in cash from a checked suitcase headed for Pakistan, the Queens district attorney's office said.

The Transportation Security Administration screener, Frank Ulerio, Jr., 23, allegedly stole the money when he was inspecting checked luggage on Oct. 7 in a Pakistan International Airlines area at the airport. Prosecutors said he stole the cash from the suitcase of a 45-year-old passenger from Astoria, Queens who was flying to Pakistan.

The victim discovered the theft when he landed in Pakistan and police from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport, began an investigation.

When confronted, Ulerio admitted stealing $60,000 and said he used some of it to pay off a gambling debt. Police recovered $18,000 when he was arrested at work Wednesday.

Ulerio, a Queens resident, faces charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Ulerio is awaiting arraignment and will have a court-appointed lawyer, said Kevin Ryan, a spokesman for the Queens district attorney's office.

The owner of the money did not declare the cash but Ryan said he was never asked if he had anything to declare and likely will not be charged with a crime.

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What a freakin moron. How in the hell did this guy think he wouldn't get caught???


2005-10-20, 10:37 PM
What an idiot. I can;t believe he actually thought he could get away wtih this.

Matt Molnar
2005-10-21, 12:56 AM
The thief probably figured anyone carrying $80,000 in a suitcase to Pakistan is probably up to no good and wouldn't report it to the cops. The number one moron in this incident is the passenger, for checking a bag containing $80,000.

2005-10-21, 07:42 AM
they question was why was $80,000 going to Pakastan and was its registered with Customs?

2005-10-21, 11:39 AM
Actually, the $80K is not the concern.

I'd be worried about the couple hundred or thousand, here and there, in goods, that I am sure, gets misplaced.

Midnight Mike
2005-10-26, 11:29 PM
How stupid can the screener be, trying to steal $60k in cash! That guy was probably stopping every 5 minutes to count the money.

2005-10-27, 10:17 AM
welcome bunny man. Does piccy above your bunny look at all familiar?


Midnight Mike
2005-10-31, 09:25 PM
welcome bunny man. Does piccy above your bunny look at all familiar?


Looks like the boss & Captain of the household....! :roll: