View Full Version : Lakehurst LTA 2005 Wrap-up

2005-10-20, 01:52 AM
Just reading a Rick Z. account about what was probably the most eventfull LTA [Lighter-than-Air] summer at Lakehurst NJ in many years.

Below is an account by Rick Z from the Airship list..
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HORIZON Blue Cross/Blue Shield blimp likely docking at Lakehurst sometime soon for deflation, packing and shipping to a distant location and a new corporate client.

Sister A60+ in "plain vanilla" (white only, no logo or markings)
has operated out of Lakehurst since late June under a military contract and is scheduled to continue this work when they pull up stakes and fly her down to Ft. Benning, GA.

This 3-1/2 month deployment been the longest sustained active (regular
flying) LTA operation to take place at Lakehurst in at least 20 years and made regular use of a "stick" mast for mooring out as well as a towed mobile tripod mast for moving in and out of Hangar #6, with the
ship spending most weekends in the hangar.

The BOSCH unmanned electronics airship made a "hard" landing in May, was deflated and stowed in June and the envelope kit, fins, etc. were stored on site until taken by truck to Alabama this past week; future plans regarding this airship seem uncertain.