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09-11-2005, 02:42 PM
Perhaps my own modification of something you guys do as well, I enjoy two versions of the celebrity game.

The first is fairly obvious. You walk down the street with a friend and point out strangers that look like celebrities. Just say the name, not need to say 'Hey look, it's...".

The game is a lot more funny when you use famous names that are from back in the day that would be tough to think of, or when you stretch it out a bit to even name a fictional character or cartoon like Sergeant Slaughter from GI Joe.

This game is best played when walking down a busy street, with the people that are you are walking head-to-head with. As they get closer, you have a few second time limit to get the name, yell it out and see if your friend sees it and laughs. A lot more challenging, but you get to notice a lot more people that way. The corridor near the 7 train at Times Square is perhaps the best place in the city to do this at.

Though there is no real points system, you get extra kudos if you say it in the person's face. As they walk past you, just kinda turn your head towards them and say at a decent volume "Delta Burke". Sometimes they don't realize you are even talking to them, but sometimes they know that you're making fun of them, and the reactions are hysterical.

THEN, there is the anti-celebrity game. This is where you are already in conversation with someone that very obviously looks like a celebrity. The kind of person where someone says he looks like someone every 8 seconds without exaggeration.

You then get them to say who people say they look like, and when they say the obvious name, you shoot back with someone that they either look absolutely NOTHING like, or someone that they WOULD look like if someone squished their face in a waffle-maker.

"Who do people say you look like?"
"Lou Diamond Phillips."
"Really? I was thinking Edward James Olmos"

This works especially well with girls that are really hot but have attitude problems.

Me: (in an almost flirty voice) "So who do people say you look like?"
Girl: (with a conceited smile) "Brittany Spears."
Me: "Oh, I was going to say Jimmy Carter."

Chicks love that ****.

Now go play.

09-12-2005, 09:58 AM
Jimmy Carter? Interesting....