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2005-09-09, 12:12 AM
I realize this has already been discussed and we have already seen some great shots of IL-62's at JFK, thanks Senga and Eric. But tonight as I was driving home from work and listening to 10-10 Wins they where warning New Yorkers of the Terrible Gridlock expected in Manhattan next week and then they started interviewing a spokesperson from the U.N. He said something to the effect that because next week is the 60th Anniversary of the UN something like 227 "Word Leaders" would be coming and this would be MUCH larger than the G8 Summit held in GLA in July. Well let me tell you friends, if you saw the shots from GLA I have never seen that many large government VIP aircraft ever at JFK/EWR for one event so this thing could be bigger than we thought, even HUGE, as far as traffic. Nice time for the mounds to be closed and Senga I hope all the clones are well rested and accounted for !



2005-09-09, 12:20 AM
When can we reasonably expect the interesting traffic to start coming in? What days do you think are the best in terms of catching stuff?

2005-09-09, 08:15 AM
it'll probably start two days before the meeting, with most of the traffic coming the day before. not much will comin the day of but a lot may leave.

2005-09-09, 09:49 PM
Todays Daily News said many VIP's will start arrving Monday but I have no idea how accurate that is !


Mr Smith
2005-09-11, 07:35 PM
A36-001 or 002 will arrive in New York on monday AM from Canberra.